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Branches of the Government By Karen Ergang

No description

Karen Ergang

on 2 May 2011

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Transcript of Branches of the Government By Karen Ergang

Branches of the Government The Legislative branch has two main parts the House of Representatives and The Senate

The House of Representatives has 435 members and the they are chosen state by state based on the population of the state they are elected for two year terms

The Senate has 100 members two for each state Senators are elected for six year terms The Legislative Branch also has the power to declare war on other countries The Legislative branch is where all are the Bills come fro before they get signed into law they have pass throw the House of Representatives and the Senate with before moving on The Executive Branch is headed by the President and made up of The vice-president and the fifteen cabinet members The President is elected by the people along with the Vice-President The President appoints the cabinet after they are elected
The President serves for four years at a time and can only be reelected one time The cabinet members and the V.P. will stay as long as the President The President has the Power to Veto any bill that comes throw but because of checks and balances congress can override the veto The Executive Branch has the job of making sure that the laws in place are fallowed and the President as the leader of this country has to represent and protect the interests of the U.S. daly and sometimes to other countries The Supreme Court can rule any law Unconstitutional even if it passed congress and the President signed it and their ruling is final
The Judicial Branch is the courts System the highest of witch is the Supreme Court made up of nine Justices and once appointed you serve for life
their is also District courts and the court of appeals The Judicial Branch settles disputes that arise because of laws that are in place therefor explaining them so the same thing does not happen agin By Karen Ergang
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