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Hot Air Balloon Lab

No description

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Hot Air Balloon Lab

Will a hot-air balloon comprised of tissue paper be able to fly?
We think that a balloon comprised of only tissue paper and glue can fly high for an extended time period.
Tissue paper, stopwatch, glue, sharpie, propane stove (with chimney pipe), and launch area.
Independent: The accuracy of measurements, the color of tissue paper quality of construction, and windiness.

Dependent: Whether or not the "balloon" flies.

Constant: Heat of propane stove, general weather, day of launch and type of tissue paper.
Hot Air Balloon Lab
1. Find model measurements
2. Materials
3. Cut model
4.Glue model
5. Repeat steps 1-5 for actual balloon
6. Record data
Although we have not yet launched our balloon we were able to determine if our hypothesis was correct. In fact it was. We proved our hypothesis to be correct with the numerous amount of data from other balloons ( refer to "Data" section). One thing that definitely effected the balloons' flights was the quality of construction. We noticed that the better the balloon makeup the better the balance of flight.
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