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Trench Warfare WWI

No description

Hilda Gallardo

on 24 November 2012

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Transcript of Trench Warfare WWI

WWI: Trench Warfare three Brain teaser Difficult times for soldiers Students share responses two one 5 Min Open Response What has been one of the most difficult time in your life? Write 3-4 sentences to explain that time and rate the difficulty of the experience on a scale of 1-10. Letters from soldiers http://www.americancenturies.mass.edu/collection/itempage.jsp?itemid=15376 Students will access this website were they can see the primary source of a soldier writing about his experience. Students can read the handwritten copy or read the letter in plain text. Reinforce reading with video clip of trench warfare Life in the Trenches Based on the images and reading activity describe what it was like for the soldiers in the trenches. What kind of feelings does seeing this evoke? Notes Notes: Discuss trench styles
Weapons & Technology
No Man's Land
Living Conditions
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