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Bic Pen

No description

Sarah Rosenbaum

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Bic Pen

Into the work and making Oil
Sulfur OIL The Natural Resources For a BIC pen, the oil is used in order to make the plastic. The plastic is used to make the body of the pen.

Fun Fact : 5 grams of plastic are used for one pen Chromium, Nickel, & Titanium Chromium is used in the making of the metal that is used in the pens. Not much is used but it still is a part of making the pen. Also, nickel and titanium are used to make sure the metal is strong and tough. Iron & Sulfur The iron and sulfur are used to make the ink of the pen. Usually the ink is made up out of different forms of these elements Hard Working Labor There are three types of labor:

Human Labor
Physical Labor
Actual Labor Direct Labor
Human Labor We need human labor in order to make sure that the pens are being assembled correctly. Direct Labor
Physical Labor The physical labor comes into play when they need people to find the natural resources they need in order to create their pen. Bic Pen Indirect Labor The company needs the actual labor in order to feed the workers that are creating the items they need from natural resources. They also need actual labor to feed their workers.
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