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Old Yeller

No description

Micahyu Petrus-Bryan

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Old Yeller

this story reaches its peak when lisabeth,Travis's mother come running towards the house with a rabbies infected wolf chasing them old yeller fights off the wolf while getting bite by it .Finally Travis get his gun and kills the wolf sadly Travis also had to put down old yeller because he couldn't risk having old yeller get sick with rabbies and infecting the rest of the family
Old Yeller
BY Fred Gipson
Rising action
falling action And Resolution
soon after the wolf ordeal Travis's farther comes home with money,a big shouting laugh,and a horse for Travis. Travis couldn't get over old yeller's death until old Yeller pup try's to steal a chunk of cornbread which reminds Travis of when he first met old Yeller,and that in turn cheers him up.
the plot is the main character Travis has been left to take care of the family ranch with his mother and younger brother, Arliss while his father goes off on a cattle drive in the 1860s. When a yellow mongrel comes for an uninvited stay with the family, Travis reluctantly takes in the dog. Though Travis initially loathes the "rascal" and at first tries to get rid of it, the dog eventually proves his worth, saving the family on several occasions. Travis grows to love this dog named Old Yeller, and they become great friends.Old Yeller becomes infected with rabies while saving his family from an infected wolf. Travis is forced to kill Yeller after the fight with the wolf because he cannot risk Yeller becoming sick and turning on the family
first is Travis who has to take care of his family while his farther is gone.Next is Arliss who is Travis's little brother who enjoys flinging rocks and catching tiny creatures,after that is Travis's farther he leaves at the start of the story to earn money in Abilene Kansas his mother would be described as hard working and encouraging,and almost always has the final decision,Lisbeth who's dog and yeller have a liter together. Last is Bud Searcy who enjoys spiting tobacco and is Lisbeth's grandfarther
the action starts to rise when one of their cow plagued with rabies and the decide to kill it when it moves away from the house. after the cow is killed lisabeth,Travis's mother,and old yeller go to burn the corpse leaving Travis and Arliss behind at the house.
The theme of the story is how you can't always judge a book by it's cover. This is shown by how Travis first thought old Yeller was a good for nothing because he looked like a useless stay but he turned out to be a reliable dog that is always loyal.
Favorite Character
My favorite character would have to be old Yeller because no matter what situation he would stay loyal and face the problem head on like a true companion
The theme could also be about growing up since throughout the story Travis has to do lots of hard work and in the end make a grown up decision which is having to shoot old Yeller to protect his family.
the conflict of old Yeller is Travis trying to take care of his family while during the 1860's when the sickness rabies was common and fatal.
Favorite scene
My favorite scene of the book is when old yeller and the wolf fight,Because the tension peaks during the fight.
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