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BSET Civil Engineering Technology

No description

Jennifer Hudson

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of BSET Civil Engineering Technology

Civil Engineering
Technology Did you know that you can complete a
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
Technology through Old Dominion University
without leaving the BRCC Campus? Accreditation The Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET, accredits this program and graduates are eligible to take the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) or Land Surveying (FLS) examination in Virginia and many other states. These exams are the first step to licensure as a professional engineer or land surveyor. Careers in this Field •Construction: project engineer, field engineer, assistant superintendent, estimator, scheduler,
designer, engineer, planner, computer- aided design analyst.
•Public Utilities
•Architectural and Structural Engineering Firms
•Design-Build Contractors
•Urban and Community Planning
•Environmental concerns
•Water Resources
•Geotechnical areas
•Surveying and Mapping What do other students say about this program and distance learning? Curriculum Sheet Modes of Learning Satellite 2-way Online Why choose ODU Distance Learning? Tuition $273 per credit hour Award winning faculty Financial Aid Available Flexibility Military Benefits Partnership with the VCCS
On-site advisers

Stay at BRCC

CET courses include topics such as computer-aided drafting, statics, strength of materials, materials testing, surveying, building construction, soils and foundations, and hydrology and drainage. How to Apply! Internship and Co-Op Possibilities Let us help you link to everything you need to get
your "Career Advantage" Go to http://www.odu.edu/cmc
Click on Career Experience
Click on Internships and Co-Ops To find out more information on Internships and Co-op opportunities, visit our Career Management Center: Three Specializations: Construction - Graduates are employed at both large and small companies as project engineers, field engineers, assistant superintendents, estimators, schedulers, and similar construction related positions.

Structural Design - Graduates of this option have found employment with public utilities and transportation agencies, architectural and structural engineering firms, design-build contractors, and construction firms in positions such as designer, engineer, planner, and computer aided design analyst.

Surveying and Site Development - Graduates of this option are eligible to take the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) examination in Virginia and many other states. Graduates are employed with various governmental agencies, engineering and construction firms. Meet with One of our on-site advisers
to see how your courses will transfer!
Kirk Dewyea
Regional Director

Jennifer Hudson
Assistant Site Director jhudson@odu.edu

Phone: 540-234-9345

http://dl.odu.edu/brcc Visit our website: Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering Technology In partnership with Blue Ridge Community College National leader in the field of technology-delivered distance learning
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