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kyle durbin

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Hatchet

By: Gary Paulson

The book Hatchet begins with Brian and his mother leaving for the airport where they live in Hampton, New York. Brian is going to visit his father who lives in Canada.
Plot/Main Conflict
Thirteen year old Brian Robeson is on a flight to visit his father who lives in Canada. While on the airplane, the only other person on the flight is the pilot who suffers a heart attack and dies while in the air. Brian had to take control of the plane and he crashes the plane into a lake in the Canadian Woods. Brian is being tested by nature to see if he can survive in the wilderness.
Brian Robeson (main character)
The Pilot
Fur Trader
Nature (Antagonist)
After the plane crash, Brian must survive in the wild and the only things he has are a hatchet his mother had given him on the way to the airport, a 20 dollar bill, and a few coins. Brian has to find shelter, fish, hunt, and find other necessities to survive. Through his journey, he then discovers who he really is.
Main Conflict (Continued)
Brian is flying from New York to Canada because his father has moved there since his parents have recently divorced. Brian's father moved to Canada and works in the oil fields digging oil. Brian knows the secret why his mother wanted the divorce since he saw her with another man. Brian doesn't have the heart to tell his father the secret of why his mother wanted the divorce.
Why I Choose This Book/What I Liked About The Main Character?
I chose this book because it looked
interesting to me and I have friends that recommended it to me.

What I liked about Brian Robeson is that
he never gave up hope that he would be rescued and he was persistent at trying to gather the necessities to survive.
Interesting quote
"Would you like something to eat" Quote by Brian.
I thought this quote showed what a wonderful person Brian was. Brian thinks of other people rather than himself, he wasn't a selfish person.
Brian faced many challenges in this book. It started with the plane crash and while alone in the woods, he encountered a grizzly bear, a pack of wolves, a moose attack and a tornado.
After the tornado, the storm churned up the water and made some of the plane appear that was at the bottom of the lake. Brian decides to dive into the water to see if he can find anything that may help him survive. Brian finds an emergency pack that had been in the plane that contained freeze dried food, drink mixes, a rifle, an emergency transmitter. Is this the luck Brian has been waiting for while trying to survive in the wilderness?
Thanks for watching
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