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No description

Karen Molina Giner

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of Abortion

Religious and non religious
The how
The why?
Why ethical
ethical issues

in Spain
The four of us think that abortion isnt as bad as the people see it. Yes, maybe you are ¨killing¨ a human being, but you are doing that to save your life also.
Imagine that someone abusses you sexually and you get pregnant (16 years old), what would you do if abortion was ilegal? Have the baby, yes of course that could be an option but for some people, having a baby in that age is arruining their lives. For others of course not, if the woman want it she can have it but if not I think she shouldn´t be obligated to do something. WOMENS HAVE THE RIGHT TO DECIDE.
Abortion in the XX century
The abortion now is legalized in many countries like Spain, but there´s been several debates about legalizing or not the abortion but finally they legalized it.
Different points of view
Different cases
Different ages
The what
Depending on what religion you are there are different points of view:

*Catholic church

legalised 1985
Medical necessity to practice abortion was recognized in antiquity because of the lack of contraceptive methods. Because of this the ancient practiced abortion on a liberal way.

physical damage
- mother
- child
legal durind first 14 weeks pregnancy
legal up to 22 weeks
case foetal deformities
popular party makes election programme
Live sacred from
limits abortion to cases
The abortion debate asks whether it can be morally right to terminate a pregnancy before normal childbirth.
Abortion difficult theme to treat ethically
There´s an example called "The Hammurabi´s code" which explains the way of thinking about the abortion on the ancients.
mother's health
serious risk
dropped plans
range of circumstances
Famous doctors of the Greco-Roman period recommended techniques for abortion based on the use of potions or shocks but they never mentioned anything about using surgical instruments

16 & 17 year-old's needing parental consent
Abortion was not considered as an illegal practice until the nineteenth century when changes in the Catholic Church states that life begins with the fertilization of the egg by the sperm.
70-80% population against
Ectopic pregnancy
It is frown up to abort but looking it on the other side it´s very difficult in some times to have a baby, for example, a teenager who´s sixteen won´t have a normal life if she doesn´t abort.
It is a difficult decision to make but that decision can change te rest of your life so you musn´t be influenced by any one and you must decide whatever you think it´s the right decision or the decision that would make you happier.
Basque Country
Canary Islands
32%- another country
30%- in secret
Doctor work to save both lifes
The Qur'an condemns killing of humans.
No abortion
Pill of the next day
Is it a women's issue?
ending of pregnancy from the womb
forcing out
Cycle life
fetus or embryo
before it is able to survive on its own.
can occur
induced abortion
medications surgical methods
Not morally well seen
Against abortion
generally state
Mother personal decission
embryo fetus
human issue
not gender issue
human right to life
have n o gender
girl gets pregant college
she can't keep on studying
man enters money home
both decide abortion possibility
have no gender
powerful long-term effects on men
While the religious people think that abortion should be illegal, non-religious people think both of the options:

*Aborting is killing a human being who is innocent.

*Women should decide whether they have the baby or not because they are the ones who are going to be pregnant.
It's her body, but I had her brainwashed. I made all the decisions. Once it was over, we never talked about it again. We kept our mouths shut. She did have some real prophetic words, though. She said, "Wagner, you're going to regret this all your life." I told her, "No, no." But inside me something would spark and cling to that. She was right. I'll never forgetit I'll never forgive myself.
We tried to figure out why weren't getting along so well, It occurred to one of us that it was a year since the abortion. That was the first time we realized that we felt we had killed something that we had made together and that it would have been alive and might have been our child... We talked and shared how disturbed about i we both had been... We hadn't known that we were angry and upset and hadn't been willing to face the facts.
I've got to think of the pain and the damage i did to her, because I know about the pain that it does to me, and it wasn't my decision. I was part of the cause and certainly didn't resist in any way. I can't help but think, am I guilty of being an accomplice in taking off a life, or at least in not bringing it to fruition? There's guilt, but more than anything, there's just sadness.
Abortion = murder
In favour
Woman´s right
decide abut her own body
human right
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