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on 21 December 2017

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Transcript of History

In France, Their was an Ebola epidemic.
In Beaujolais, France, their is a winery that produces a lot of France's wine.
France was once in a region called Gaul. Gual consisted of Italy, France, Belgium, parts of Germany, and South Netherlands.
France is the second largest country in Europe.
They have the fifth largest population in Europe. Their population is 57.5 million people.
The capital of France is Paris.
Paris was named after the Celtic tribe Parisii.
The Louvre is a very famous art gallery it contains some of the worlds most famous peices of art. The Louvre has the Mona Lisa on its walls.
France has a constitution.
In May 2017, Frances new president Emmanuel Macron, was elected at the post age of 39, the youngest French leader since Napoleon.

Interesting facts
1. France is the worlds most popular tourist destination. more than 83.7 million tourist visit France.
2. France is the largest country in the European Union.
3. Louis XIX of France was King for only 20 minutes.
4. Liberté, égalitié, fraternité meaning ‘liberty, equality and fraternity’ (or brotherhood) is the national motto of France.
5. The French Army was the first to use camouflage in World War One.
Written by Mateo Tullar
Works cited page
Thanks for suffering through my presentation...
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