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The History of the Hindu-Arabic Number System

First Math Project 9th Grade-Track 3

Sophia Sandoval

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of The History of the Hindu-Arabic Number System

The History of The Hindu-Arabic Number System By: Sophia Sandoval
Track 3 Integrated Math 1 The Hindu-Arabic Number System is a decimal place-value numeral system developed by Indian Mathematicians.It is designed for positional notation in a decimal system. It can symbolize any rational number using only 13 symbols. What is it and why do we use it? Important Fact The Arabic numerals are the ten digits:
0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 The Indian Mathematicians founded the Hindu-Arabic Number System between the 1st and 5th century, but the famous Al-Khwarizmi, and some Arabs adopted it not too soon after.
This numeral system is most known to be developed by Al-Khwarizmi (Persian) and Al-Kindi (Arab). Who came up with it? Al-Khwarizmi wrote a famous book on the Hindu-Arabic Number System, and that is why he is the most known man regarding this number system, because the book was on Algebra, the course that teaches the Hindu-Arabic Number System. FUN FACT! Al-Khwarizmi Some people refer to him as "The Father of Algebra". The Hindu-Arabic Number System The Hindu-Arabic Number System was originally called The Hindu or Indian Number System because it was the Indians who taught the world to count. One of the greatest scientists, Albert Einstein thanked the indians for this. FUN FACT This number system was made very long ago and it is still known to our country now. Teachers in America still teach their students about it so that they are well informed. THE END! The Hindu-Arabic Number System
By: Sophia Sandoval
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