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Effects of Phenylketonuria

No description

Kahler Kranz

on 29 February 2016

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Transcript of Effects of Phenylketonuria

The article states that Phenylketonuria is the impairing disorder that Charlie Gordon has in the book "Flowers for Algernon". The disorder, Phenylketonuria, pronounced fen-l-kee-toh-noo r-ee-uh. Is a disorder that a person is born with that does not have a cure. At first Phenylketonuria has affects on what you can eat limiting one to lessen their protein intake. Then it starts to affect one in their brain. Like it did to Charlie in the book.
The author of the article, or authors, wrote this article to better inform people about the peculiar disorder that is Phentlketonuria. This article was geared for people with little medical knowledge, and was easy to understand. Phentlketonuria is the same disorder that Charlie Gordon has in the book "Flowers for Algernon" and some of the symptons described in the book were also similar to Charlies.
The author talked about how the disorder starts as a eating disorder in which a person who has Phenylketonuria has trouble with digesting protein and using it in their bodies, then it turn into a mental disability that would mean that Charlie was at one point not disabled but only had an eating disability. I was skeptical about this because Charlie was asked about his childhood and didn't have much to say, so my hypothesis is that the author didn't considered this factor when writing the book.
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Personal Response
Overall the article was very informative, and not to complicated for a non medically educated person wouldn't understand will educate any curious Flowers for Algernon readers. It was interesting to dive deeper into Charlies head and figure out why he does what he does.
Effects of Phenylketonuria
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