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You really should be giving a Windows phone a try

Some reasons to stop discounting Windows Phone 8 as a viable smartphone

Simon Hudson

on 11 August 2014

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Transcript of You really should be giving a Windows phone a try

You really should be…
Windows Phone 8
a try

What is it?
3rd generation Microsoft smartphone OS
3rd most used smartphone OS

Optimisable for your use case
Select what you want, where

What makes it special?
Who is it for?
Personal users ***
Simple to use, sexy, personalisable, fast, individual. But some limitations for games etc.
You really should give Windows Phone 8 a try...
IDC show that Windows Phone shipments have grown from 4.9 million in the second quarter of 2012 to 8.7 million in 2013, an increase of around 78%. 
Tethering, copy/paste, integrated messaging, Apps
Microsoft integration
All recent doc activity (regardless of the editing device used)
Access and edit CRM and Office docs
Great OneNote integration (including SharePoint ones)
SkyDrive integration
SharePoint integration
Lync & Skype
“While I've been less than thrilled with that interface on a traditional PC, I find it intuitive and helpful on my phone. I think Microsoft has managed to combine navigation, status, and notification in an effective and intuitive way without the need for separate notification areas.”
Pin key contacts/groups etc to see live updates, messages etc.
Man is it quick – always. The UI is slick, responsive and makes it easy to configure for the things you do most
Collaboration with other Windows Phone users via personal Rooms
But what about the App Store?
Maps and Nav
That actually take you where you want to go
SMS audio
When Bluetooth is in use, SMS messages automatically pause playback and read the txt to you and allow completely hands free response
Play To
DNLA playout – works flawlessly with XBMC on Raspberry Pi for example – no set up, no messing, it just works
Some brilliant handsets
Nokia accounted for a whopping 81% of all Windows Phone devices shipped last quarter
Business users *****
Outstanding integration with Office, Exchange, SharePoint, Skydrive etc make it compelling for any business user
Developers ***
Increasing market share, users buy apps, strong dev. tools (if you like Microsoft) and ability to port across to Windows 8, consistent OS and hardware
Windows 8 users ****
Good interaction and improving every month
I'm Simon Hudson, founder and director of Cloud2
and I rather like Windows Phone 8 - much to my surprise!
Let's look at that again
It’s good enough.
Do you really need 100 million apps?
120,000 should be enough shouldn't it?
I want the dozen or so that I use, without the crapware.
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