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At The Barber's

by Anton Chekhov

Brianna Merritt

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of At The Barber's

At The Barber's by Anton Chekhov Plot
Setting Conflict Point of View Characters Makar Kuzmitch Blyostken Erast Ivanitch Yagodov Anna Erastovna Sheikin At a barbershop
In the morning Erast Ivanitch Yagodov's daughter is getting married to Sheikin and Makar Kuzmitch Blyostken has always wanted to be with her.
Makar Kuzmitch makes Erast Ivanitch pay for his haircut. Third person There are two men, one is a barber and the other is his godfather. The barber always gives the godfather free haircuts. The barber gets really upset because he finds out that his godfather's daughter, the woman he has always wanted to be with, is getting married. The barber tells him that he has to pay in advance if he wants him to finish his haircut. The godfather refuses and keeps a half shaved head. Brianna Merritt Made
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