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LGBT Center of Raleigh

Programs and Initiatives

IYI Creative Services

on 24 January 2017

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Transcript of LGBT Center of Raleigh

SAGE Raleigh
SAGE Raleigh is a program designed to advocate and provide services for the older LGBT population, aged 50 and better. Originally known as the “Gay & Gray Initiative,” this program was born in the Spring of 2011 and has grown exponentially since.

SAGE Raleigh hosts a Drop-In time
every Thursday morning
before the Center officially opens.

Regular monthly events include:
Lunch and Learn educational programs
A monthly FREE Lunch at the Center
A monthly Lunch at a nearby Restaurant for everyone
A monthly Lunch especially designed for women
SAGE Raleigh
First Friday Art Reception
The LGBT Center of Raleigh is proud to participate in Downtown Raleigh’s First Friday Gallery Walk as a member of the Downtown Raleigh Alliance. While viewing the exhibition, visitors have the opportunity to chat with the artist, enjoy complimentary refreshments, network with LGBT community members and allies, and learn more about the Center’s initiatives and library.

The LGBT Center of Raleigh is proud to be the Triangle’s only venue dedicated to showcasing LGBT artists and craftspeople! A percentage of artwork sales are donated to the Center. Appetizers generously provided by Center volunteers and various local restaurants.
Art Gallery & First Friday Art Receptions
Affirming Faith Forum
The Affirming Faith Forum group seeks to establish a place where leaders and LGBTQ community members, allies, friends and family, of different beliefs and faith traditions can come together monthly to share how we are actively living to overcome the fear and hatred that some religious groups promote.

We encourage and support each other in our efforts to live authentically and graciously in community.

We believe that the call to be a loving and just community is significant to all.

Our goal is to act on that call, participating in addressing our own and the community’s needs for healing and reconciliation.
Affirming Faith Forum
Transgender Initiative
The Transgender Initiative is built around the idea of creating a communal, safe place for people from all across the gender spectrum, along with their allies, to meet, gather, and provide a supportive and welcoming social environment.

Their mission is to help build community with self-identified or perceived transgender, gender variant, or gender non-conforming individuals and trans-positive organizations in the greater NC Triangle region.

Annual events include a
Day of Remembrance
of those who have been lost to violence toward individuals due to Transphobia and a Month of Events designed to raise
about the issues that Trans People face.

Monthly events include:
A Gender Support Group
A Gender Social
A special support group for Significant Others, Friends, Family, and Allies (SOFFA)
Transgender Initiative
LGBT Center of Raleigh
Programs and Initiatives
LGBT Center of Raleigh Library
LGBT Center of Raleigh Library
Since the Library opened in October 2011, the collection has more than 3,000 volumes focused on and celebrating LGBT life. The Library’s collection development priorities are aimed at supporting the resource and information needs of the Center’s vital outreach programs such as SAGE Raleigh, Youth Coffeehouse, Affirming Faith Forum, and Transgender Initiative. The Library is also a welcoming place for family members and allies of LGBT people.

Items in the Library are available for circulation. Please see our website for an application to check out materials.
BInG - Bisexual Interest Group
A social/support group for bisexual, bi-friendly, bi-interest, and bi-curious adults.
BInG - Bisexual Interest Group
Monthly Library-sponsored events include
Gender Affirming Book Club
and a Meet the Authors series as scheduled throughout the year
Community Resources
Many individuals, businesses, associations, and organizations have expressed interest in support for the LGBT Community, and several lists of them are provided on our website.

Community Resources Page
Mental Health Providers
Affirming Faith Groups

For details about the LGBT Center of Raleigh Community Resources Project, please visit our website.
Community Resources Project
Women’s Initiative
The LGBT Center of Raleigh’s Women’s Initiative is a group that seeks to bring together women of all ages and backgrounds within the LGBT Community of the Triangle. This group is open to lesbian-identified and queer women, bisexual women, transgender women, and our allies.

Our primary goal is to strengthen our community through empowerment, education, and by providing valuable resources. More than this, however, we want to bring together this diverse group of women to make connections, form bonds, provide support, and create new friendships.

Monthly events include:
First Friday Art Walk Meetups
Friday Night Pints
Women’s Support Group
Movie and Mixer Night
and other Special Events throughout the Year
Women’s Initiative
Triangle PLUS is a group designed for HIV+ gay men and their poz-friendly allies in the Triangle area. The primary focus of the group is to foster support for one other by holding monthly meetings and an array of social activities.

Additionally, we offer a safe space on Facebook via a secret group. Posts from Secret Groups DO NOT display in anyone’s timeline that is not a member, but it WILL display in yours since you are a member. The group page is open to anyone who is poz or poz-friendly. Invitation and/or membership does not equal HIV+ status.
Triangle PLUS
Raleigh Allies
Founded by active ally volunteers in early 2014, Raleigh Allies is a resource for our friends and family (and those of LGBT individuals) to help better educate and foster dialogue that helps to further educate others.

More so, we hope to be an entry point for people who may not necessarily consider themselves a part of the LGBT community and help encourage a transition from passive support to active engagement in furthering the cause of Equality.

The program is not just limited to heterosexual individuals however, and anyone who considers themselves an ally to a sexual or gender minority are welcome!
Raleigh Allies
GENERATIONS is a group for our LGBT parents and their children to meet for social playtime activities at the Center as well as outings in our community. It is our hope to facilitate a network of LGBT families to come together and insure a stigma-free community while allowing a positive socialization experience for our children. All LGBT families are welcome, including singles, couples, and those planning to add to their family.

Generations also coordinates with the Raleigh Area Gay Parents/Triangle Families, which holds dinners and baby play dates in the broader Triangle community. You may join both a meetup group and a Facebook group to communicate with these families.
Center OpenMic
Express yourself! Come out to the LGBT Center of Raleigh’s award-winning OpenMic night and share share:

a song
a poem
a personal story
whatever else you can come up with!

You’re also welcome to just sit back and watch others perform!

LGBTQ Youth often attend this event so safe beverages and refreshments are always served.
Center OpenMic
We offer confidential and free testing at the Center.

Mondays • 6 to 7:45 pm
Thursdays • 6 to 7:45 pm

Did we mention that it is
HIV/STI Testing at the Center
Out! Raleigh Street Festival
Out! Raleigh 2016 - May 7, 2016
Out! Raleigh Street Festival
Dozens of volunteers help keep the Center open. Our volunteers serve in a variety of capacities. Typical responsibilities include

greeting visitors to the Center
answering phone calls
responding to inquiries with information or referral services
assisting with our library, and
participating in special projects.

Volunteers are also offered many opportunities to help with the setup, run and breakdown of our special events.
Center Volunteers Keep the Center Open
Youth Coffee House
A Drop-In Event for Middle and High School students to come and meet other youth and supportive adult volunteers.

These confidential meetings are held at various locations that allow for open discussion and meeting peers from other schools.

There are always at least two adult LGBT or allied volunteers present. This is a social event that provides a safe space for discussion and peer support.

Referrals for additional services are available. The center provides a basic beverage and light snack.
Youth Coffee House
QueerNC aims to connect youth in rural and urban areas of NC by providing a safe space both online and in person for teens to talk about their ideas, find resources, and get help with problems that they're facing. We help educate teens on current LGBTQ issues and encourage them to create change in their own communities. We also hold monthly meetups in the Triangle area.

Founded in June 2012, QNC was inspired by the need for an easily accessible program catered specifically toward LGBTQ youth in North Carolina, in addition to the difficulty of finding resources for support and meeting other queer teens.
ASPYRE Youth Leadership Camp
Held in late winter or early spring of each year, the mission of the
A Safer Place for Youth to Reach for Excellence (ASPYRE) Leadership Camp
is to empower young members of the LGBTQ community and their allies to achieve personal growth through advocacy and activism while making a positive impact in their communities.

Contact the Center for more information or visit the Center's website.
ASPYRE Youth Leadership Camp
ReachOUT NC aims to band together and mobilize the LGBT community and its allies by providing volunteer opportunities for its members to improve the lives in our community by promoting goodwill.

They come together on a regular basis to do good things for the areas in which we live. You may find them preparing meals for the families of children being treated in a hospital, building a house for a needy family, or beautifying a park. While the projects may vary from month to month, they will always be focused on making a positive difference in the world and having a great time doing it.

They welcome ALL volunteers regardless of sexual orientation, gender id entity, race, color, religion, age, and ability.

The LGBT Center of Raleigh is the fiscal sponsor for ReachOUT NC.
Stonewall Kickball-Raleigh is an LGBTQ & Ally not for profit sports league. They strive to develop a well-connected and diverse community through organized competition and social or fundraising events.

They believe every person should have the ability to feel comfortable playing sports and that organized groups have the ability and responsibility to support and give back to the community.
Stonewall Sports - Raleigh
Stonewall Sports - Raleigh
LGBT Center of Raleigh
Only three full-time Staffers support all this work with the help of a few interns and TONS of volunteers.
LGBT Center of Raleigh Staff
Your regular, on-going contribution to the LGBT Center of Raleigh helps us maintain the many Programs and Initiatives of the Center and helps us keep our doors open to the Community.

We cannot do it without your help.

Please visit our website to donate or fill out a Donor Card today. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Donate to the Center
Dozens more volunteers plan, coordinate, and run ALL of the many Programs and Initiatives that make the LGBT Center of Raleigh such an exciting place.

Will you help?
Center Volunteers Run the Programs
In addition to hosting the Center's own Board of Trustees meetings every month, the Center welcomes community partner organizations to hold meetings and events at the Center.
Community Meetings
James Miller
Executive Director
Kelly Taylor
Assistant Director

Currently Searching for
Volunteer Leadership!
Contact the Center
for more information.
SAGE Raleigh
Senior Housing Initiative
The SAGE Raleigh Housing Initiative will provide education and promote awareness of the special needs of LGBT Seniors to local government, non-profit and for-profit entities in the housing industry.

Options include the construction of new facilities, the purchase and conversion of existing buildings, and the education and training of administration, staff, and residents within new and existing senior living facilities so that they can become welcoming and safe environments.

Efforts include looking into the feasibility of affordable rental, market rate rental and for-purchase housing.

Currently, the Committee meets monthly on the First Sunday afternoon at the Center.
SAGE Raleigh Senior Housing Initiative
TpartE Discussion Group
TpartE is a discussion group and an affirming space for transgender and gender non-conforming youth to share experiences and discuss issues that are specific to the community.

Food and delicious tea is provided which is why we call this something that sounds like “Tea Party.”
TpartE Discussion Group
Meeting Place for Community Organizations
In addition to hosting the Center's own Board of Trustees meetings every month, the Center welcomes community partner organizations to hold meetings and events at the Center.
Briana Proctor
Program Director
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