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Watson's Go To Birmingham, 1963


Kim Girolimon

on 26 February 2010

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Transcript of Watson's Go To Birmingham, 1963

Watson's Go To Birmingham, 1963
Christopher Paul Curtis 2. Byron tells Joey & Kenny
not to go into Collier's Landing,
cause Wool Pooh is there. 3. Byron & Joey go to the
public swimming area, Kenny
goes to Collier Landing. 4. Kenny goes in to the water, gets pulled under.
He thinks Wool Pooh is there. 1. Grandma tells the kids
not to go into Collier's Landing
cause some kids drownd in it 5. Byron comes to save Kenny.
He cries & tells him he's sorry. Byron is my main character
and he, tries to get Kenny
not to go into Collier's Landing.
He also saves Kenny form Dying. Kenny is my other main character
and he is the one who dosen't listen.
He gets dragged under and
almost drownd. I loved this chapter because
Byron helped Kenny when he
was drowning. Byron came back
to save Kenny. Kenny thought that only
2 kids drownd but, 6 did.
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