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Personal Profile Presentation(GLC-209 CAREERS)

Careers (GLC-209) Unit 2 Assignment

Glydel Tano

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of Personal Profile Presentation(GLC-209 CAREERS)

Personal Profile

By: Glydel Tano
Stress, Learning Style

What's My Type?,
Jung Typology Test,
Multiple Intelligences
What's My Type?
Jung Typology Test
Multiple Intelligences
Kiersey Character Temperament
What's My Learning Style?
My Credentials
Interest Sorter Activity Results:
Transferable Skills
My Credentials, Transferable Skills,
Interest Sorter Activity Results
School Achievements:
~Director's Award for Academic Excellence (2011)
~Math Award & Overall Academic Excellence Award (2011)
~Honour Roll (School Year 2011-2012)
Some transferable skills I've learned from some of my subjects are:
When I become stressed with something, there are always people I know I can lean on to, to make me feel better and to help me with the situation. My support network are my parents, my younger sister, my best friends, my cousin and my aunt.
The results of the What's My Learning Style Activity is that:
I am a Tactile Learner.
There are many things and people that are important to me and many things that I don't really pay much mind to.
According the Kiersey Character Temperament Quiz, I am an Artisan - Composer (ISFP).
Based on the personality test that I took, the three best personality types that best describe me are:
1. creator/innovator type
2. social/helper type
3. organizer/manager type
My personality type is: INFP (dreamer)
My three strongest Multiple Intelligences are:
1. Logic Smarts
2 & 3. Music Smart & Self Smart (tie)
Teacher: Ms. Iafrates
Course: GLC-209 (Careers)

Volunteer Activities:
~Gift wrapper for St. Joe's Foundation (December 2012)
~Landscaping for Able Living Community Centre (May 2013
~Doors Open Hamilton - CHCHTV-Pinehurst (May 2013)
Participation in Household Responsibilities:
~Washing the dishes
~Occasionally cooking breakfast
~Taking out the trash
~Helping with the laundry
~Tidying around the house
The following are examples of some some of my credentials, ranging from Academic Achievements, Volunteer Experiences and the things I do or help with around the house. They show how well I balance between school related activities and community involvement with my responsibilities at home.
~Problem Solving:
helps me with critical thinking and deciding the best ways to solve problems and overcome obstacles.
researching for projects at school have helped me become better at finding resources and acquiring knowledge in order to gain the information and answers that I need. I now know the proper and legitimate places to look instead of browsing around aimlessly.
...which have helped me become a more efficient person in terms of daily work ethics. They are the kinds of skills that will continue to help me thrive in/with any kind of job that I happen to come across
Based on the statements that I've chosen in the Interest Sorter Activity,
...I am more of an "Information Person". I am the type of person that enjoys expressing herself through writing, music or art, doing experiments or researching, solving puzzles and problems, and studying and reading.
I enjoy solving games and working at puzzles
I like helping other people
I enjoy reading and learning about new topics
I like working with my hands
I like to take care of people
I like learning new facts and ideas
I enjoy the research part of my projects
I like interacting with people
I enjoy thinking up new ways to do things
The result of this activity, I found, was very accurate. I do enjoy doing many of the things described in the description of an "Information Person". I am much more better dealing and working with information than I am with people and equipment.
* I am not much of a "group" person, I usually do prefer working independently because I find that I am a bit of perfectionist when it comes to group work. Teamwork is about reaching an agreement and making a decision together as a group but I have a bit of a controlling side and feel like I need to make all the decisions myself in order to do the task right.
*I dislike group work because most of the time, I end up doing most of the work (though that is most likely because I try to take all the work myself). Also because it's a bit hard to get along with some group mates because of constant disagreement on what we should do and how we should do it.
* However much I dislike activities that require teamwork, I don't completely hate being in teams or groups. I like that work is finished more quickly when it's shared. Also, being with other people is entertaining and more fun than if you do it all by yourself and are isolated.
* I would like it more if I were able to choose who was in my group because that way, I would be able to select people and friends I know I would get along well and who share my thoughts and style.
Stress takes a huge toll on my body, emotionally and physically. To relax myself and recharge, I often do the following:
~Go for a walk
~Spend time in nature
~Take a long bath
~Savor a warm cup of tea
~Curl up with a good book
~Listen to music
~Watch a comedy
Whatever the situation, I always try to keep optimistic. I believe that things happen for a reason and during stressful occurrences, I tell myself this happened because it was necessary for a bigger purpose. There really is no use looking at things in a negative light because only you can make things turn out the way you want them to. Things are only bad if you make yourself think that they are and not do anything to fix it.
Stress is the effect of out-of-control emotions. Most of the time, I am able to keep my emotions in check so I don't blow up (emotionally). When my emotions get too big to be kept in, I release it in a way I know won't hurt other people but will still help me get it out of my system. For example, when I'm angry, I like to sleep it off, scream it off or cry it off. Sleeping, reading a good book and/or talking about it with someone I trust usually helps me take back control of my emotions.
I think the results of the activity were pretty accurate. I do learn better when I am physically doing something that relates to the subject than when I just see it or hear it. I don't think I'm much of a visual or auditory learner so the results were very correct.
Because I'm a Tactile Learner, to improve my learning I can:
~take notes
~highlight or underline important facts
~make a scrapbook of what I've learned
~act out a poem, story or historical event
~walk through a series of instructions
~build a model or draw a picture to illustrate what I am learning
~create exercises or motions to match words and concepts
Values of High Importance To Me:
~Helping the environment
~Helping society
Values of Low Importance to Me:
~Physical Challenge
Many of the values I selected as low importance to me have something to do with social status. This is because I don't really care what the norm is in society, and it doesn't matter to me if I'm well known.
The values I selected as having high importance to me are things that I find very important, something that I won't be able to live properly without.
I am not sure if I agree or disagree with the results but I was a bit surprised when I found out my temperament and character. I am leaning more towards the agree side though. This is because, although I've never personally thought of myself as an Artisan, reading about the Artisan type has me nodding my head in agreement and saying, "I'm kind of like that too..."
Things About Artisans That I Find True About Me:
~difficult to observe/figure out
~don't usually express themselves verbally
~not interested in developing ability in public speaking
~in tune with their senses
~have a sure grasp of what belongs and what doesn't
~impulsive, act in the here and now, with little or no planning or preparation
~especially sensitive to the pain and suffering of other and sympathize freely with the sufferer.
~great with children, children trust them naturally, easily bonds with children
~instinctive longing for the wilds, nature seems to welcome them
Time Management
Occupations of Interest & Why?
Time Management, Occupations of Interest &Why, And Credits
I think my results from this test are very accurate. All three personality types are what I think myself to be. I received a similar result with the Kiersy Test which told me I was a composer type (similar to the creator/innovator type). Although I am not much of a people person, I do love to help other people and can be very open and social to people that I know. I am a very messy person but I always like everything organized, even when it's messy (if that makes any sense). (i.e. when I wash the dishes,I have to do it a specific way and put like objects together, when I change, I always just throw my things on the floor but my closet is colour coordinated, etc.)I like to be the one to make the decisions and I like to stay in control of a situation and manage everything.
As an organizer/manager type, I...:
~like to make decisions
~like assigning work to others
~say: "Let's do it this way."
As a social/helper type, I...:
~like to explain things to other people
~enjoy helping my friends solve their problems
~like to find out other people's opinions
As a creator/innovator type, I...:
~like to try new things
~enjoy using my imagination to solve problems
~prefer to use my own ideas
~enjoy being challenged by the unexpected
~like to do things differently
~say: "I have an idea."
I am:
~an Introvert
The results from this test were very accurate, seeing as I got the same result from my Kiersey Test and the What's Your Type Test. The four characteristics of that type describe me perfectly.
I think the results were very true. I do consider myself to be a very "Logic Smarts" (the ability to solve logical problems and equations mentally) person. I love solving problems and equations and overcoming challenges. I am also very good at memorizing lyrics, knowing when something is off-pitch and can differentiate between different instruments by sound and I also enjoy singing and listening to all kinds of music (Music Smarts - enjoy rhythm, beat, singing, and playing instruments). Self Smarts (how well you understand yourself) is also very true for me because I know my own limits, my own strengths and weaknesses and what I have the ability to do.
BGM: "Bubble Pop" Instrumental Cover by Ella Greene (Original by Hyuna)
I don't think I have very good time management skills. I always find myself struggling to get work done and even though I make schedules and plans for myself, I always end up behind-schedule or not following it at all because of procrastination. Because of this, I can never find time to finish all my homework sometimes. However, for some strange reason, I always find time or make time to nap after school and/or read a book. Time management skills are definitely something I have to work on.
I'd like to become a doctor, preferably a surgeon because I enjoy helping people. My tests have shown that I do like to be a little creative and make up new ways of doing things. Doctors are innovative people, always trying to find better ways to treat and diagnose patients as well as pioneering new and more efficient ways of performing surgeries or inventing new surgical procedures.
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