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No description

Laura Tobin

on 21 September 2018

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Transcript of Sectarianism

Date: 21/09/18
LO: To be able to explain what sectarianism is.
Key Word

Sectarianism: Hatred of people because of their religion
where can we find sectarianism?
Sectarianism can be found in literature and film.
The Diary of Anne
Frank is a personal
account of sectarian
violence and hatred
against Jews under
Nazi rule.
The Boy in the
Striped Pajamas
transports the
viewer to a
camp for Jews
built by the
Nazis and
explores sectarianism.
Northern Ireland, between
Protestants &
India, between
Hindus & Muslims
Sectarianism in Northern Ireland
Sectarianism is an issue close to home here in Ireland.
Northern Ireland has a long history of sectarian conflict.

The Sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland has deep roots
in history as sectarianism between Protestants and
Catholics is a result of the struggle the Irish republicans (Catholic) put up against English Unionist
(Protestant) rule in Ireland from the 1800s up to the early

This time of sectarian conflict is known as 'The Troubles'
Lets take a look...
When Ireland gained its Independence in
1922 it lost Northern Ireland.
With this came the fight that still goes on
today, on a much smaller scale.

Protestant Unionists wished to remain part
of Britain and in contrast to this Catholic
Republicans wished to become part of the
Republic of Ireland.
Complete the following questions:

1. What is sectarianism?
2. How can sectarianism be stopped?
3. Give an example of sectarianism in literature and in the world.
4. Briefly explain sectarianism in Ireland. (3 Points)

5 Min
Who wants to be a Millionaire!
How do we stop Sectarianism?
Give an example of sectarianism in the world.
What is sectarianism?
Case study: HOLY CROSS
The Holy Cross school was located in Belfast next to a Protestant area.

The parents and students of the school had walked down the Ardoyne Road in
order to get to school for a number of years.

One day loyalists (protestants) blocked off the road and began to shout and mock
the children and their parents as they attempted to walk to school.
Mannequin Challenge!
First Frame: You will be showing sectarianism

Second Frame: You will be showing tolerance

You will be working in groups of three or two. You will have
three minutes before the filming of each frame to decide
how you are going to express sectarianism.
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