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Prague Pre-Conference Modules Demo

Modules modules modules

Adam Retter

on 20 September 2011

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Transcript of Prague Pre-Conference Modules Demo

module + So, in eXist-db we now have 35+ Open Source XQuery extension modules! This is great? Less portable XQuery code

Help! I cant share my intersting code with others (if I use these extensions) well, if everyone used eXist-db ;-) ...er... Really? What are they? Image Processing SQL Connection Zip and Gzip compresison HTTP Server - Session/Request/Response email security Subversion XMLDB Date and Time formatting Mathematics XML Diff File Utils Database Utils Debugging Geo Spatial XSL-FO XSLT XProc Ever heard of EXPath??? I think...

Modules should be standardised
and pushed upstream! Simple Module specs to get people involved?
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