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A2 Psychology - Gender lesson 2

Social contexts of gender

Amanda Lane

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of A2 Psychology - Gender lesson 2

A2 Psychology - Gender
How do children learn gender appropriate behaviour?
How do children acquire the concept of gender?
Social Learning Theory (Bandura 1963)
Social Cognitive Theory
Combines the ideas of SLT, Cognitive development theory and gender schema theory
Indirect (Vicarious) Reinforcement
Direct Reinforcement
Direct Tuition

Behaviour is reinforced
Positive reinforcement
Negative reinforcement
Observational learning
Gender appropriate behaviour is internalised as children develop cognitively. Reasoning and regulation of behaviour develops schemas .
(Bandura 1991)
Sources of social influence

The biological approach cannot be ignored here... biological gender has to be identified at birth in order for appropriate gender behaviour to be learnt.
Does it have an effect on how children learn gender?
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