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Frankenstein: Guilty or Not Guilty Debate

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Cyndy Chouloute

on 16 November 2014

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Transcript of Frankenstein: Guilty or Not Guilty Debate

Who is the most to blame for the tragedies that occur?
Victor Frankenstein is the one to blame because he is the one who created the creature and did not try his best to stop the disruption the creature was causing in the society he was brought into. After creating the creature, Victor Frankenstein abandoned him, leaving his creation feeling confused and forced to figure out his surroundings by himself. After being abandoned and having his first experience with people be terrible the creature becomes full of hate and seeks revenge on Victor Frankenstein.
Victor Frankenstein was not right for creating the Creature. He violated natural law by combing parts of human beings in ways that were not supposed to be combined. Victor Frankenstein had no regard to how his creature would behave, resemble or feel. He neglected his responsibilities to the creature and what he owed to the society in which the creature was going to live in.
Was Frankenstein right to create the Creature?

After being abandoned by Victor, the Creature is left confused by why his creator does not want anything to do with him. When trying to find companionship in humans other than Victor, he is rejected and abused by humans.
Were the creature's actions justifiable in any way?
Science in a number of ways can be pushed to far for its purpose. Having to do anything scientific means that it has responsibilities and purposes that should not be miss used in any given way. People sometimes all to often use science in ways that are plan cruel and disobedient.Although most of the time these mistakes are made in accidental situations or even sometimes on purpose like with the creature in Frankenstein.We think as human beings we have the right to do whatever we want but our actions always come with responsibilities ones that sometimes we forget to see.

Can the boundaries of science be pushed too far?
Yes, because of we become far too advanced for what we have done. We will not be able to control what we have created and can cause major problems in the economy. People will try and find a loop hole on how to do this, and they will attempt to recreate the science. If it goes beyond its boundaries the world will go be over populated and the earths resources will become scarce. This is an extremely dangerous task.
Can the boundaries of
science be pushed too far Pt. 2
Frankenstein: Guilty or Not Guilty Debate
Pro Creature
In the novel, it states that the creature was not made to have bad actions and a bad heart, he smiles at Dr. Frankenstein shortly after he was created. At the end of the novel he feels sympathy for Victor Frankenstein. The creature first murders the younger brother of Victor Frankenstein, William.Victor Frankenstein knew it was his creation that committed the crime, but he allows his servant and friend Justine to be charged and executed for the creatures actions.

This video shows how the creature was made so unnaturally the creature was made by Victor Frankenstein. The creature is like a newborn learning in a new world but has a body strength of a grown man. Only an abnormal being would deliberately toss a young child into a body of water thinking the child would float. The death of Maria, the innocent little girl is because of Victor Frankenstein neglect for the creatures actions when creating him. Frankenstein creating the creature is only a small part of why these tragedies occurred. If Frankenstein treated the creature as his own child the creature would not have so much hatred towards humans.

Once the Creature is completed, Victor runs away horrified of his creation. The creature smiles watching over at his creator. This proves that before he became damaging and harmful he did want a good relationship with his creator. After his creator abandoned him, the Creature had to figure out life for himself with the mind of a newborn. He was rejected by every attempted companionship he made. The creature murdered many people accidentally and purposely because of Victors own fault. Had Victor done his job and taken care of the creature he probaly would have been accepted and many lives would have been saved.
Should Victor Frankenstein
be punished for what he did?
Frankenstein should be punished for
what he did; because of his creation many people have been murdered. Frankenstein should be sent to jail for life for these crimes
Japan is one example they use the term scientific to cover up something much more cruel and destructive Whaling . Whaling has been banned since 1986 some countries still do it legally, but Japan uses the terms scientific whaling to cover up what is really commercial whaling that is in fact illegal to do. many whales have been killed because of this so called science related practice.

Nuclear weapons are also another example of science being pushed too far which in this case was for warfare. Nuclear weapons have been around since 1945 and ever since then have been used for destruction such as the bomb that was used in Hiroshima Japan which killed millions of people.

People sometimes think in science that they have created something that could potentially change the world but instead come with nasty side effects. Such as the supposed cure for Alzheimer's in the planet of the apes movies where scientists thought they found the cure for Alzheimer's but instead made something that boosts intelligence in apes that leads to the demise of humans forever and the rise of the apes.

Novel Research by:
Danielle McClymont
Cyndy Chouloute
Simone Davis
Science Research By :

Cesar Navarro
Arthur Hall
Put together by:
Cyndy Chouloute
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