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Copy of Aarhus - Music City and Playground for talent!

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Cæcilie Salomonsen

on 18 August 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Aarhus - Music City and Playground for talent!

Aarhus - Music City
- playground for talent!
The city:
325.000 inhabitants - hereof 55.000 students
Average age; 37,5
DK's second-biggest city
University of Aarhus - top 100 in the world!
Highly qualified work force in hi-tech industries, wind power, shipping, agriculture etc.
Important cultural city; leading museums, theaters, festivals, dance, film & TV - and;
The music history & background;
Music is a key element in the city
A long tradition for music in all varieties and genres
A very vital music scene and environment.
A huge part of the leading DK artists either emerges from the city or lives there.
A tradition for collaboration
We "produce" rather than "re-produce"!
Music education:

Music schools for children
Music Academy Pre-school/MGK
The Royal Academy of Music
Musicology/University of Aarhus
Up'n'coming music platforms:

MONO - rehearsal facilities
Lydhavnen - studio community
Grobund - network for "beginners"
REAL - initiative integrating musicians from the Middle East living in Aarhus
B-huset - venue and studios
Aarhus Calling - international writer camp - for producers/songwriters

A range of venues from 150 pers. capacity to more than 4.500 pers. capacity.
A mix of state/municipal-funded venues (regional venues, private venues, concert halls and arenas)
VoxHall/Atlas, Train & Radar
V58, HQ, Studenterhuset, Backstage & Fatter Eskil, B-Huset, Fairbar, Double Rainbow etc.
Cafés and pubs with music
Hermanns - concert- and theatre hall.
Musikhuset Aarhus - concert hall with 5 venues from 200 cap. to 1.500 cap.
SCC - Arena - indoor; 4.000 cap.
CERES Arena - indoor; 4.500 - outdoor; 35.000.
- all presenting music from emerging talent to superstars!
Music business in city consists primarily of:
Agencies and booking
Event & technical production
Event Safety
Production of technical equipment
Recording studios
- and a smaller group of:
Music Supervisors

- and a large community of volunteers!
Festivals - and open air concerts:
SPOT Festival & SPOT+ int. showcase- and conference festival;
Northside - international "boutique" festival .
Grimfest - small/local "boutique" festival
Grøn Koncert - one-day outdoor charity festival
Aarhus Festuge - international cultural festival. 10 days in September - strong focus on music.
Aarhus International Jazz Festival
Stella Polaris
Bas Under Buen
National- and international outdoor concerts
Smaller "niche"-indoor festivals; PopRevo, Metale Royal, Aarhus Psych Fest, FLUX, RECession, Blues- and Reggae-festivals.

ROSA - The Danish Rock Council
MXD - Music Export Denmark (local office)
LMS - Music for Schools
DMF - Danish Musicians Guild (local office)

Other important music institutions;
Aarhus Symphony Orchestra
Aarhus Jazz Orchestra
Danish National Opera (Den Jyske Opera)
AUT - Aarhus Unge Tonekunstnere
Aarhus Sinfonietta
Aarhus Vocal Festival
SPOR Festival
Municipal cultural initiatives;
Production centers for music, film, stage, literature, arts, dance etc.
Various funding programs for different cultural purposes - for music, a professional board distributes fundings for music projects.
Virtual "One-Stop-Shop" for promoters, festivals etc.
Co-funding of regional venues
Co-funding og live events, festivals etc.
Aarhus Events - city event office.
..... and here's Promus!
Main target; networking the business, supporting start-ups and working the talent.
Networking platform for the music community
"Bridge" between established - non-established - musicians & business
Networking with other creative business areas; film, digital, games etc.
Mentor program
Shared offices for start-ups
Extensive courses, seminars & business training.
Working closely with education platforms.
Partner/collaborator; SPOT+ conferences, Aarhus 2017, Koda, MXD, DJBFA, DPA, DMF, DMFF & DUP
"Independent" - interest in both the artist- and business-perspective.
Working both locally, nationally and internationally.
Promus - visions.....;

to develop the "new music business" - creating a network and background for further collaboration between the music business and other creative sectors!
to strengthen the SPOT Festival - the most important music business festival/showcase - as an important driver for growth locally & nationally.
to strengthen our mentoring programs and initiatives for D.I.Y.-artists.
to further strengthen sharing of knowledge through new media platforms.
to further strengthen our role as "a player" in the music business landscape nationally.
... and the challenges;
to get decision makers and politicians - both locally and nationally - to understand the importance of music as more "need to have - rather than nice to have"!
to create more business opportunities locally.
to secure affordable production- and rehearsing facilities
to keep the city attractive for new talent!

Why is music important in Aarhus?
it supports the city strategy for growth and expansion. Music attracts students and work force.
earlier research shows a significant "pay-back" to the city from the live audience
potential growth in new business
it's an important part of the identity of a cultural city
it's a common denominator for the creative sector in the city
it's simply a part of the overall city strategy!

Professional musicians & performers:
2.500 musicians is estimated working either as teachers, classical musicians, or involved in jazz, rock and other contemporary genres - from club-level to super stardom!
Recommendations for other Music Cities:

Become "necessary" - from both the political- and the professional music environment- and business!
Stay visible - but create respect!
Create continuity!
Create "workable" networks!
Create hi-level content!
Share your network!
Make your projects operational!
Navigate carefully between arts & business!
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