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Copy of Boosting your Career

How someone early in their career can take the right steps to get to the next level

Mohamed Yasser

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Boosting your Career

"Boosting your

Main Idea
How does a young woman, early in her career, gain the confidence to take her career to the next level?
How would you solve the problem without spending any money?
How would you solve the problem if you had an unlimited budget?
What can you add, remove or modify from those initial solutions?
What are the most obvious solutions for this problem?
How would a 5-year-old child solve the problem?
Take a public speaking
class, e.g. Toastmasters
Find a mentor
in the industry
Copy someone
who's done it
Ask for
Ask boss for
an evaluation
Ask parents
for advice
Read a book
on gaining
Buy an
Ask a favorite
teacher for
Read career
advice books
Ask a big brother
or sister for advice
Let it happen
Buy a new
Pray for
Ask a career
Interview someone
who's already in
the role you want
Take course on
Covey's "Seven Habits of Highly Effective
Get wardrobe advice
from career stylist
Ask your coworkers
whether they think
you're ready
Follow professionals
you admire on Twitter
Take a career goal
setting and assessment
Find a career
website for your
industry, and ask
Gather feedback from network (Survey Monkey?)
on your strengths and weaknesses
Take a Tai Chi, meditation, or yoga class to relax
Read inspirational quotes every day
Take a vacation
to clear your mind
Start a blog to
help students
in your field
Set a goal,
and post on
See a therapist
to understand
the problem
Write a "dreams" and aspirations" diaary
Speak at "career day" at local highschools
Ask mom & Dad
Pray to God
Buy your favorite candy
Just do it
Cry about it
Throw a tantrum
Ask Mom & Dad for it
Don't worry be happy
Wait until older
Think of favorite / happy things
Sing happy songs
Ask Grandma /
Grandad for it
Dance until
feeling better
Wish for it
Ask Santa Claus for it
Dream of it
Say it again
and again
Forget about it
Sign up for a
Tony Robbins private course
Hire an advisory panel of successful professionals "at next level"
Hire a personal
career coach to
shadow you everywhere
Make a movie "My Big Move" about making it
Write a book of "personal stories" of those who got to the next level
Reward yourself with a new car every time a major milestone hit
Ask a favorite movie star to text you uplifting messages every morning
Pay someone to give you the job you want

Hire a PR agency to boost your image in the media
Hire your professors to give you advice be on call whenever you need advice
Hire a Marketing firm to develop your personal value proposition
Create a personal "chat line" that you can call whenever you're feeling down
Write your own value proposition
Ask your boss for advice on career advancement
Develop a list of goals, then identify intermediate steps to get there
Ask coworkers if they share your feelings
Ask your boss for evaluation of your performance vs. peers
Keep a "confidence diary", outlining daily successes
Apply for position
you want, and ask
for feedback if you
don't get it
Develop a grand plan for your life, identifying actions in year 1, year 2, etc.
Write a famous person in your field for advice
Fill out free online career assessment of strengths / weaknesses
Create an employee of the month award, a strive to win
Find a mentor you admire and respect, preferably someone in your field. Tell them how much you admire them professionally, and ask if they would be willing to meet with you regularly, say every 3 months, to discuss your career.
Find someone who has the exact role that you want, and ask if you can meet for lunch or coffee because you would appreicate learning from their career success.
Study a goal-setting book like "7 Habits", devlop both short and long range goals then identify the daily, weekly, and monthly activities that will get you there.
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