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The Necklace: Powerpoint:

This is a school project. I had to write a powerpoint on the book called, "The Necklace" by <Guy De Maupassant>

Eli Bell

on 7 November 2014

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Transcript of The Necklace: Powerpoint:

Mathilda heard about a Grand Ball and wishes that she could go to it.
While she is thinking about the Grand Ball her husband gets home from work and gives her a tickit to go to the Grand Ball.
Mathilda cries and says that she has no dress so she can't go to the Grand Ball.
Mathilda's husband had been saving money to buy a gun, and decided that he will give it to her so she could buy a new dress for the Grand Ball.
When Mathilda got to Mme. Forester and looked through the jewelry she asked Mme. Forester if she had any other jewelry. Mme. Forester showed Mathilda another box with jewelry and that's when Mathilda found the Diamond Necklace. Mathilda asked if she could use it and Mme. Forester said, "Yes."
Mathilda went to the Grand Ball with her husband. She was beautifully dressed. Everyone watched her, as she danced in the glory of success.
The Necklace: Powerpoint:
This story is about Mathilda,(a beatiful woman) wanting wealth, privileges, and fashions of high born young ladies.
After Mathilda buys her dress she complains that she doesn't have any jewelry so she askes her husband for more money, and hes told her, "Why don't you go to the neighbor and ask her if you could borrow some jewelry?"
Grand Ball:
When Mathilda got home after the Grand Ball she went to take off the Diamond Necklace, to find out that, it was gone! Mathilda and her husband looked everywhere and couldn't find it!
Mathilda and her husband decided to write Mme. Forester a letter telling her that the necklace was broken and they were fixing it, and decided to take this time to buy a new one. They found a diamond necklace for 34,000 francs. Mathilda borrowed money from many people. After they bought the Diamond Necklace they took it to Mme. Forester and gave it to her but they didn't tell her that it was a new one.
Mathilda and her husband worked for ten years to pay off the money that they borrowed. Mathilda had not seen Mme. Forester the whole ten years that she had been working because she was so busy. After the ten years of work Mathilda happened to see Mme. Forester and told her that she had lost the Diamond Necklace that she had borrowed and bought a new one for 34,000 francs.
Mme. Forester said,"The Diamond Necklace I let you borrow was false and worth at the most 500 francs.
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