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A Statistician To His Love

No description

Huy Pham

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of A Statistician To His Love

A Statistician To His Love
Flawed Poetic Voice
"Don't be alarmed, there is understanding to be sucked from all such hard and bony facts"
Satirical Use of Statistics
"Men kill women in bedrooms..."
"Did I mention that suicides outnumber homicides?"
Emotionless and pragmatic tone
"Death Camp Pyres"
A Statistician to His Love
Desperate Plea from voice to partner
Presents a cliche topic in an atypical manner
Goldsworthy's opinions on modern day statistics are explored
A Statistician To His Love
Men kill women in bedrooms, usually
by hand, or gun. Women kill men,
less often, in kitchens, with knives.
Don’t be alarmed, there is understanding
to be sucked from all such hard
and bony facts, or at least a sense
of symmetry. Drowned men — an
instance — float face down, women up.
But women, ignited, burn more fiercely.
The death camp pyres were therefore,
sensibly, women and children first,
an oily kind of kindling. The men
were stacked in rows on top. Yes,
there is always logic in this world.
And neatness. And the comfort
of fact. Did I mention that suicides
outnumber homicides? Recent figures
are reliable. So stay awhile yet
with me: the person to avoid, alone,
is mostly you yourself.
Evoke connotations, opposite to the intention
Results in distrust
Recognise the absurdity of some facts in modern life
Bombardment of unrelated and bleak statistics
Lack of credibility
Overused to exhaustion
Audience recognises the irony and thus Goldsworthy's opinion
Poetic voice is void of emotion
Conventionally a highly emotional topic
Removing emotion results in distrust
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