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Book Project

Smith 2 Book Project

parker smith

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Book Project

by Parker Smith
Period 2 As Shane was working hard, the bad guy, Fletcher was working hard to get rid of all the farms in the area. Fletcher decided to hire someone named Wilson who is very fast at firing a gun. Wilson killed a farmer to show how good he is and then it comes down to the final showdown.

Shane vs. Wilson and Fletcher.

Who will win? Read the book Shane to find out. In the book Shane by Jack Shaefer,
Shane is a cowboy who goes across
the country trying to escape his past. Shane is very friendly to Bob and Bob's
family. Even though Bob's family knows
Shane is very dangerous, they know Shane
would never hurt them. Shane
by Jack Schaefer Shane comes to Bob's family while trying to rest. Shane then decided to work on the farm and stay there. Shane works very hard on the farm as he worked for Bob's dad. There was a very ugly stump in the middle of the yard. Shane tried very hard to get rid of it but who will win, the undefeated champion, the stump or the challengers, Shane and Bob's dad. In Conclusion, Shane is a cowboy who has a very shady past. He came to Bob's family and has many obstacles in his way as he goes throughout the book. By going through these obstacles, Shane has the opportunity to become a hero instead of the possibly bad cowboy with a terrible past. Read this exciting book to find out if Shane will become a hero or not and what will happen to Bob's family.
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