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Sentence Variety

No description

Sarah Reisdorf

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of Sentence Variety

Sentence Variety
Adding some sugar and spice to your writing.
Simple Sentences
What makes a sentence?
Sentence Variety
Example: Which sounds better?
The following example come from Purdue OWL Lab
The Winslow family visited Canada and Alaska last summer to find some native American art. In Anchorage stores they found some excellent examples of soapstone carvings. But they couldn't find a dealer selling any of the woven wall hangings they wanted. They were very disappointed when they left Anchorage empty-handed.
OR This....
The Winslow family visited Canada and Alaska last summer to find some native American art, such as soapstone carvings and wall hangings. Anchorage stores had many soapstone items available. Still, they were disappointed to learn that wall hangings, which they had especially wanted, were difficult to find. Sadly, they left empty-handed.
Rainford's character changes throughout the story called "The Most Dangerous Game." He argues with Whitney about whether animals can think, reason, or feel pain. Rainsford laughs off the idea that they can feel like we do. The tables turn when he becomes the hunted.
OR This....
In "The Most Dangerous Game," by Richard Connell, the protagonist, Rainsford, changes drastically through the course of the text. While arguing with his friend Whitney on whether animals can think, reason or feel pain, he laughs off the idea that they could feel like we do. However, when the tables are turned on him, Rainsford learns to see through animal eyes as he becomes the hunted.
Sentence Types
1. Simple
2. Compound
3. Complex
4. Compound/Complex
Verb Phrase
Went to get a haircut.
Subject + Verb= Clause
Independent Clause=
Stands on its own, it is a complete thought
Timmy went to get a haircut.
Dependent Clause=
Cannot stand on its own, is not a complete thought
When Timmy went to get a haircut
Compound sentences are two or more independent sentences strung together with NO dependent clauses.
Timmy went to get his haircut and he decided to go with a mullet.
Connect compound sentences using coordinating Conjunctions (FANBOYS).
Timmy went to get a haircut for he wanted to get a mullet to impress the girls.
Timmy went to get a haircut and he went with a mullet.
Timmy couldn't get his mullet styled right, nor could he get the ladies.
He tried several gels, but nothing Timmy tried tamed his mullet.
His friends suggested he should dye it or buzz his head.
Timmy buzzed his head, yet he couldn't get the ladies.
He had to wait for his hair to grow back, so he often wore a hat.
Complex sentences contain both an independent clause and one or more dependent clauses.
Pumping iron, it's Martha's favorite past time.
Create complex sentences using subordinate conjunctions or -ing words.


After Christmas, Martha takes leftover wrapping paper to make birthday cards.
Now that Martha has been in jail, she knows what it means to craft resourcefully.
When Martha gets her magical crafty hands on dried corn husks in the fall, it is always a good thing.
Complex-Compound sentences combine two or more independent clauses with at least one dependent clause.
Chuck Norris is regarded as the greatest man who ever lived, and because of his lead role in Walker Texas Ranger, Chuck Norris can kick anyone's behind, even if he didn't have legs.
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