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Marriage In The 21st Century

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on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of Marriage In The 21st Century

Marriage In The 21st Century
Traditional Roles In Marriage
In the past, women were known to be stay at home wives and just take care of the children.
Civil Marriage
is a marriage that is performed and recognized by a government official without religious content involved.
Different types of marriage
Arranged marriage-
When you're arranged to marry someone, you do not have a say in this matter
Same sex marriage-
two of the same genders have tie the knot
Second Marriage-
after getting divorced they decide to remarry
committed to one person your whole life
When the husband decides to marry more than one women
What does the church say about marriage?
Religious marriage
usually takes place after the civil marriage
Legal Factors
Legal contract:
An agreement
Marriage Licence:

Marriage Certificate:
Contains details of marriage
Marriage Registry:
Official record
Marriage Commissioner:
Clerk that soleminzes marriage
Religious Factors
Ceremony(depends on you culture)
Requires certain customs and practices(traditional outfits, exchange of gifts, vows etc)
In the 21st Century, we see a variety of different roles husbands and wives take on to sustain a relationship.
Present Day-
Today we see a difference in how mothers and fathers change their roles in parenting
We see a variety of families with stay at home dads, instead of stay at home mothers.
Most of the time, we see how both parents have jobs, and work in there day to day lives.
Living together while in a relationship (sexually or emotionally) but not married
May not "believe" in marriage
"Trial" before marriage
Does not need legal requirements(as far as relationship goes)
Financial benefits
Sexual needs
Fear of commitment

Although Marriage, is a happy moment in a couples lives, the happiness can fade and can result in divorce.
In Canada 40.7% of marriages were projected to end in divorce before the thirtieth wedding anniversary.
Does cohabitation threaten traditional ideas of marriage?
Destroys concept of a "traditional marriage
No formal responsibilities
Less likely to produce children
Less likely to remain monogamous
Threat to marital happiness
Cohabitation Video
Marriage in the twenty first century has dramatically changed. from wives staying home to wives now working just has hard as the husband or from a male and female getting married to now the same sex getting married.
Marriage is a socially or ritually union or legal contract between spouses, it establishes rights and obligations between them, them and their children, and them and their in laws. Marriage varies depending on the culture but is mainly an institution in interpersonal relationships usually sexual are acknowledged
Rights and Obligations
Giving a husband/wife his or her family control over a spouse's sexual services, labor, and property
Establishing a second legal guardian of a parents child
Giving a husband/wife visitation when his or her spouse is incarcerated or hospitalized
The Institution of Marriage
Establishing a rela tionship between families of the spouses
Establishes a joint property for the benefit of the children
Giving s husband/wife control over his or her affairs when the spouse is incapacitated
How do we classify marriage differently now than in the past

In the past it was known for spouses to get married at a very young age and to start a family at the ages 14-18. Now in the 21st century, couples are getting married when they feel they are ready to start a family and have a family. In the past spouses had started their lives right away, in today's era the newly weds take a break to go on a honeymoon.
how does marriage recognize what social science confirms?
-Children grow best when they are raised by both their father and mother
- Children learn what they see when they adjust to a dysfunctional family as they grow up this is what they know
media as an impact on marriage
Time consuming
Dishonesty, trust issues
conflicts, divorce
The media tends to express an image for marriage as it portrays a certain way that spouses need to appear.
How can the institution of marriage be protected ?

To protect the institution of marriage couples need to focus on their relationship to have a healthy marriage, to put aside the media and to follow the rights and obligations.
Misunderstanding and Complications of Marriage
In todays day it is common that people and couples argue and disagree on certain things, but in marriage this can be a fatal point where the marriage does not succeed
4 Pointers To Prevent Couples from Divorce
Listen - genuinley
Avoid having to be right
focus on feelings
See your partner as a bestfriend
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