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No description

aaliyah brandon

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Water.Rockets.Measurement


Step 2
when your done getting everything u have to
bring it. then set everything up so where you'll know whats going to happen when set it up.
Step 4
When the Mentos come into contact with the Coke, a reaction causes the rapid formation of foam.
This meaning that the soda is going to have an reaction to the mentos
The steps to the Rocket...
your suppose to look up what the materials are and see how much your gonna spend.
Then when your done with that u gotta go and get the
materials so you can start.
Picture of many ways....
By Aaliyah Samaria
Aaron Shajuan
Step 3
when making a soda rocket you must have all materials which are :
2 liter soda
Radom pictures of the soda rocket
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