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Cuba and the Cold War

By: Cal and Brandon

Brandon R

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Cuba and the Cold War

By: Cal and Brandon Did the Cuban Communism Missile Crisis contribute to the U.S. winning the Cold War? The US had proved the point that they did not want a 3rd World War. Yes Cuba was the first country in the America's that was under a Communist government. No The US showed that they would stand there ground to prevent Nuclear Warfare Yes The US realized that they were not the only country that had the power of Nuclear energy. No Since the US did not allow the Soviets to have Short Range Missiles in Cuba we had to take out our rockets in Turkey. No Ending Summary The statement the "US won the Cold War" is not as one sided as it may sound. The US had few victories and some losses but over all prevented a Nuclear war.
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