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Writing a Mystery Story

No description

Jennifer Barlow

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Writing a Mystery Story

Writing a Mystery Story
Fiction Genre: Mystery
LO: I am using my plan to write my mystery story out in full.

Success Criteria:
1. I can use my story plan to write my mystery story out in full.
2. I can write in paragraphs and include complex sentences.
3. I can use speech marks successfully for dialogue.

Try to write a good setting description in your introduction.

How can we build suspense?
How do we use paragraphs?
What are similes?
What are metaphors?
How can we describe the setting?
Next Lesson
We will be writing our mystery stories out in full...

We will also be redrafting our character descriptions to be included in our stories.
How can we describe our main character?

(tension – short sentences, similes & metaphors, ellipsis)

What types of words do we need?
Physical Appearance
E.g. "...tall and slim, with short brown hair, green eyes, lots of freckles, and dimpled cheeks..."
E.g. "... he always wore the same baggy jeans and T-shirt with a picture of his favourite rock band on..."
Things they are good at or like
E.g. "...she loved sports, and spent most of her time playing hockey on the sports field. She was unbeatable."
Things they don't like or are not good at
E.g. "He was clumsy. That's where his nick name came from. He was always having accidents, and today was no exception..."
E.g. "She hated school. School was boring. She would much rather have been watching a film at the cinema or walking her dog across the fields. But today, school was turning out to be much more interesting..."
Describe using all 5 of our senses.
What can they
What can they
What can they
What can they
What can they
How do they
How do they look? How do they move?
What do they do?
"… Face like the moon, pale and somehow wavering. I could get the gist of his

features, but none of it stuck in my mind beyond an impression of astonishing

beauty. His long, long hair wafted around him like black smoke, its tendrils

curling and moving of their own volition. His cloak — or perhaps that was his hair

too — shifted as if in an unfelt wind. I could not recall him wearing a cloak before,

on the balcony. The madness still lurked in his face, but it was a quieter madness

now, not the rabid-animal savagery of before. Something else — I could not

bring myself to call it humanity — stirred underneath the gleam."
The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N.K. Jemisin
"He was not conspicuously tall, his features were striking but not conspicuously

handsome. His hair was wiry and gingerish and brushed backward from the temples.

His skin seemed to be pulled backward from the nose. There was something very

slightly odd about him, but it was difficult to say what it was. Perhaps it was that his

eyes didn't seem to blink often enough and when you talked to him for any length of

time your eyes began involuntarily to water on his behalf. Perhaps it was that he

smiled slightly too broadly and gave people the unnerving impression that he was

about to go for their neck."
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
She was short, stumpy, and weird-looking. I didn't like her.

No one did. She bored people and no one was friends with

her. She just sat at the back of the classroom looking at

everyone else and never spoke. When she did her voice

sounded horrible. When she smiled, which was a rarity, her

teeth scared me.
Mystery Story Characteristics
Things to include:




The TWIST...

Remember you are writing
not full sentences!
Speech Marks
Sam said I don't like it here and so they all went home
If I was a bird said Katie I would be able to fly
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