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Crime in Brazil (Advanced Higher Modern Studies Presentation)

A study investigating crime in Brazil.

Ayah-Sofia Semlali

on 11 June 2015

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Transcript of Crime in Brazil (Advanced Higher Modern Studies Presentation)

Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the east, the Andes mountains on the west
Population: 200.4 million
Decades of political unrest
Crime Statistics
State of Brazilian Prisons
Fourth highest prison population in the world
Prisons severely overcrowded
Prison riots
Capital Punishment
Crime in Brazil, By Ayah-Sofia, Hannah and Cayleigh
Death penalty abolished: 1982
Written in constitution
Exceptions in the case of war crimes.
Last official use of the a death penalty: 1876
Ranked in the top 20 countries, in terms of intentional homicide.
Over 1 million murdered between 1980 and 2011
7th most violent country
70% of all homicides caused by guns
On averate, 416 women raped each month
'Repdemption Through Reading'
Prisoners can cut their prison sentences by reading
For every book read, four days is taken off a prisoner's sentence.
This policy is aimed at reducing illiteracy rates and promoting rehabillitation and enlightenment.
Newly Industrialised Country
36m pulled out of extreme poverty
Brazil's GDP per capita: 101st in the world ($15,200)
UK's GDP per capita: 44th in the world ($37,200)
Highly unequal
Young People
Little difference between young offenders institutions and adult prisons
Children held in young offender institutions: + 40% in last five years
Proposed legislation to reduce the age of criminal responsibility from 18 to 16
40% of young people arrested have committed robberies
Increase in teenagers involved in drug trafficking.
The re-offending rate across the country is as high as 70%

Responses to Crime
What is Legal/Illegal?
Age of consent: 14
Abortion: Illegal in most circumstances
Women who undergo abortions: 1-3 years in prison
Doctors who perform abortions: Up to 20 years
Possession of cannabis for personal use: Warning or community service
Drug trafficking: Fine and 5 - 15 years of prison.
Prostitution: Legal
North-South Crime Divide
Many criminal groups founded in prisons
Females compose 4% of total prison population
Variation in conditions/treatment between male and female prisons
Large proportion of female prisoners are charged/convicted of drug offenses
The 2007 gang rape incident (15 year old girl placed in a cell with 20 males resulting in repeated sexual abuse) has further solidified the need for separation between genders in prison
Transitioned to democracy in 1985
Federative republic
Stark inequalities remain, along with high crime rate

71st out of 144 countries on judicial independence.
2% of Brazil's GDP lost in corruption
Corruption exists in all levels of Brazilian society
Public protests and riots e.g. World Cup 2014 riots
Global levels of human trafficking
Different groups and their involvement in crime and the legal system
Young people
Spending and Investment
Capital Punishment
Spending and investment
Reading for Redemption
Pacification of favelas
£1.5bn spent to tackle the high levels of crime in the cities
400,000+ young people to receive job training and financial aid
160 new prisons with special facilities to be built
Increased security in certain areas
Strategic border plan (Costs $6.3 billion over 8 years)
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