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Constructing a Distillation Apparatus

No description

Julie Sawan

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Constructing a Distillation Apparatus

Constructing a Distillation Apparatus Methods 3 Test Subjects: WHAT is it? A combination of different glasswear assembled
together by a series of connectors The compound separation occurs within the glasswear as heat is applied to the round bottom flask Separate the different compounds in the mixture
by the difference in their boiling points Lets say... We have a mixture containing 3 compounds Compound A Compound B Compound C boiling point: 80 °F boiling point: 150 °F boiling point: 270 °F It then travels through the appartus Finally it is collected in the vial at
opposite end The whole process can be controlled
by monitoring the thermometer To construct a document to piece the distillation apparatus together efficiently and effectively Kinsey Meyer
Fashion Merchandising
Never taken a chemistry lab
Jake Lynch
Animal Ecology
Taken an intro chemistry lab
but never constructed a distillation
apparatus Steven Neal
Graduate Student
Has assembled similar structures Each test subject was given the original document with all the individual pieces as shown Each had a designated area of the lab to construct their apparatus The trials were timed Humphrey They were given no help nor could they see each other They were told to verbally announce any problems they encountered during the trial
Results Times: Revisions for new document Include O-ring and its location Explain the location of the Jack Include the power control for heating mantle 1 minute 39 seconds 9 minutes 14 minutes Rough Draft Conclusion Visual Design color value figure ground contrast orientation order of labeling Why this? Include all necessary parts Introduction 80 °F
Objective Construction of original document First Two sheets Bright labels Color coordinated Seperate pieces Second Novice Intermediate Final Document In order to make an effective and efficient document Visual design elements Include all pieces No words One sheet size Rhetorical triangle Audience Context Purpose inform community Primary Secondary Inform Community Rhetorical Triangle 140 °F
270 °F Expert
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