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H Johnston

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of SPORTS


Fifa 15

Fifa 15 is a football related game which includes different modes and objectives for you to complete. the most famous mode is ultimate team which gives you the freedom to choose any player you want but to this you must play matches in order to earn coins which gives you the freedom to buy your chosen player.
Grand theft auto also known as GTA is another well known game in the modern world today. When the game was first put on sale it was rated the top game in the world for its time. Many people wanted to buy it was put on t.v as an advert which looked appealing to both adults and children.
Controllers for different consoles
The most recent consoles
Consoles are extremely popular world wide they have the most brilliant technology which allows you too download music watch your favorite films and connect with friends online and play your favorite games.
IOS games.( i pad and ipod)
IOS games are basically the simpler version of the games played on the consoles to the i pad and i pod. There can also be games specifically made for the i pad and i pod which are most likely free to buy.
Guns and action
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is one of the most famous games in the modern world today. 125 million people have played call of duty since 2010. it is a great game in my opinion and I'm sure more than 125 million people think so aswell.

Sam Tyers
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