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HUg Project

No description

marilena maragkou

on 17 July 2017

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Transcript of HUg Project

Marilena Maragkou,
ΜSc in International Marketing
Project Manager
Konstantinos Maragkos,
MSc in European Tourism Management,
Erasmus Mundus Student
Target groups of H-Ug project:
Primary Education of Uganda
Secondary Education of Uganda
Higher Education of Uganda
Policy Makers of Greece and Uganda
Local communities
How we came up with the idea?
Transfer of knowledge
Broaden Horizons
Raise awareness on EU values & identity
Inform about EU opportunities & Projects
Promote intercultural dialogue and peer learning
Boost international understanding
Improve ways of teaching in all levels of education

Policy Makers
Primary Education
Secondary Education
Higher Education
Presentation of the guide
"Instructions of Admission of Foreigners in Higher Education in Greece"
Interactive Workshops
Games &Training seminars
Boost EU values & identity
Disseminate Greek culture
Training Seminar about:
Intra -African Academy Mobility
Scheme, Erasmus+ Program
Main objective
: Inform about the program and create synergies between HEIs in Africa and Europe
How did we came up with the idea of H-Ug?

We got inspired by
Father Antonios of St. Antonios of Monde

We have adopted two children from the orphanage of Saint Antonios of Monde

We love to offer and help

This project was a challenge for us in
many perspectives

H-Ug Project
Help Uganda
HUg is a volunteer, educational and non-funded project conducted by 2 volunteers from Greece
1160 pupils of primary education

470 pupils of secondary education

100 students & Academic staff

3 Areas
July 2016
August 2016
Duration: 20 days
H-Ug team
Marilena and Konstantinos

"Nowadays it is more possible that you find bombs inside the suitcases preparing for terrorist attacks.
We just carry our weapons.
Our weapons for education."

Inform about the
Intra-Africa Academy Mobility Scheme, Erasmus+ Program
Main objective:
Facilitate the procedure of admission
and Create Synergies
Who we are?
Main objective
: Educate in an
alternative way in a multicultural
Interactive Workshops
Games & Training Seminar
Transfer EU values
Presentation of the Guide
Disseminate Greek culture
Main objective:
Educate, Inform and Broaden Horizons in a multicultural way
General Objectives of HUg
•Enhance teachers’ personal and professional development
Help youngsters to acquire social, civic and intercultural competences
Develop synergies with different levels of education
Provoke interaction among a variety of institutions and policy makers
Spread information on EU issues
Specific Objectives of HUg

We have traveled in more than 30 countries across the world together!
We speak 6 different languages!
We are 2 siblings that share the same dream: Travel and offer!
Social Media of H-Ug...
H-Ug on the national and international media
'''Give a Hug", 15.07.16, Athens
"Uganda through our eyes", 03.12.16, Athens
"Uganda through our eyes", trailer

65% of the fans women and 35% men
46% of the fans 18-34 years old
Fans from 44 countries
Page Reach is 8.768, in Greece is 4.216
Post Engagements 8.697
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