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No description

Aakash Sesolla

on 20 May 2013

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products Designer Sarees Designer lehengas Salwars Fabrics Target Customers Women Médiums For Marketing Traditional Media
Marketing Digital Media
Marketing advertisements TEXT Ads Image Ad ad groups keyword Tool Keyword tool helps us to select keywords relevant to the terms people use when they search "Multiple Matchtypes" It helps us to compare the keywords Performance statistics between Placement Tool We will be getting the placement
ideas based on Required Criteria Target your customer based on location, language and devices used Placement Tool helps us to find Placements in the google display network that are relevant to your ad Global Market finder This shows there is a huge opportunity even in other countries ad preview This is how our ad looks when someone search for related
keywords what
is why Digital Media Marketing Digital marketing is marketing that makes use of electronic devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones, cellphones, digital billboards, and game consoles to engage with consumers and other business partners. Internet Marketing is a major component of digital marketing. Reach probability of an customer looking an ad is
once in a day (optional) probability of a facebook fan looking your post
is atleast thrice in a day (and definite) &
once he
or Such your message will be viral
within little span of time Quick N REACH Budget where as Interaction in Digital Media
Regarding Brand employee customer customer Budget will almost be
same in any platform and less
compared to
Traditional Marketing And its visibility is mostly limited to our country its visible globally and
there is a chance
Being Global TRADITIONAL MARKETING DIGITAL MARKETING 15 million Indian women are in social network ing ing ing ing viewing Major Differences
Traditional & Digital
Marketing push pull Traditional Marketing Digital Marketing if we place our ad in these network this is the number we can target per day PPC Campaign
USHNAKMALS Traditional marketing Digital Marketing Targeting and segmentation ushnakmals Thank You APDM13 FINAL ASIGNMENT Questions to Ask Your Clients

About Company
• What is your business about?
• What Products or Services do you offer?
• What is the Mission and Vision of your company?
• From how many years you are in this field?
• What are the marketing and promotional activities that you are performing currently?
• What is the monthly budget that you invest in these activities? And what is the result?

• What digital services do you think your business currently needs?
a. Website Design and Management
b. SEO
c. Social Media
d. PPC advertising
e. Marketing Strategy and Planning
f. Brand Management

• What is your monthly budget?

• What are your metrics for success? CPM, CTR, CPC, ROI, page views, engagement time, brand recognition?
• How about for social? Fans, followers, chatter, shares, social site traffic/leads/revenue, etc.?
• What is the most important action on your site? What is the least important action on your site?(If you already have a site)
• Can you elaborate on things you have tried in the past? What worked well and why do you think it succeeded? What didn't work and why do you think it failed?
• What is your average margin on a sale or what is your average cost of goods sold? What are the expenses that go into the cost of goods sold?

• Who are your target customers broken down by product?
• Do they have any seasonal or geographic buying patterns?
• Please provide all the customer analysis data you can to us?
• Who are your best customers and what do they have in common?
• Who are your average customers?
• Who are your worst customers?

• What are all the benefits of your products broken down by product and target audience? How do you help people?
• What are all the offers you can realistically make to your different audiences broken down by audience and product? What can we give them right now?
• What has worked and not worked in the past for a benefit?
• Can we see all the creative (banners, search ads, email, and landing pages) you have ran in the last couple years (If you have…)? Do you have the results for these various executions?
• What makes you different from your competitors? Why are you better? Why was your product developed?

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