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Tech ed

No description

Halla W.

on 18 May 2011

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Transcript of Tech ed

What is a packaging engineer? A packaging engineer designs and creates packaging for different iteams like clothes, medicine bottles, even the crate that holds apples. The first thing packaging engineers do before they design a package is study what goods they need to package. They take everything into consideration. If it's light or heavy, liquid or solid, fragile or durable, even if it's longlasting or spoils fast. Then they start sketching different packages and determine the material that it will be made of. Engineers want to make containers that buyers like, saves the iteam inside of the container, and try to make it as earth friendly as possible.

Example: a water bottle. It is plastic so it can be reused, it is portable so it can be carried by the buyer, and it holds all of the liquid with it's lid. Once the container has been aproved it is produced and tested. They might also work with other engineers to create a machine that will directly create the package. After it is approved and created it is sold throughout the world. The End!

By: Halla Worgul
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