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No description

Lauren M

on 9 March 2017

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Transcript of 6.Prezi.Metzger

Our Business
Gift Shop:
In our gift shop we will be selling all of the necessary needs for swimming. Such as life jackets, goggles, swimsuits, swim caps, plus, shirts and sweatshirts that have our logo on them. All of these items come in many different sizes, to satisfy our customers.
Open Hours:
Weekdays: 8a.m- 7p.m
Weekends: 8a.m- 10p.m
Extra Info You Need To Know:
Our Business was created for entertainment. We want to bring joy to all people who walk inside our doors. We created this business because we don't have any big water parks in the Hudsonville area. And most of the entertainment businesses in Hudsonville don't involve water.

* Our business is located at 3385 Highland Dr. Hudsonville, MI.
Sales Forcast:
* We have 3 water slides, two pools (each 50 yards long and 6 lanes wide)
In the end we would be making a profit of $25,038.90 per month. And that is after we paid our water bills and employees that month.
* We have one big splash pad and a lazy river flowing throughout the entire pool area.
We offer 1-3 hour tickets and we also offer passes for all-day and passes for the weekend. The opening week will be a 25% discount. Adults are $14, Seniors are $8, and Kids are $10 per hour. Toddlers are free for 1 hour, then after 2 hours they cost $3 per hour.
* As you found that we also have a gift shop.
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