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The Change

No description

Jeannie Ladesso

on 11 May 2016

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Transcript of The Change

Community Service
Something to think about -The Taxi
The Change is a non-profit, Christian based, teen center that’s mission is to provide a safe place for the youth in Apex offering opportunities for tutoring, community service, music, arts, and the like while exposing them to positive Christian principals and illustrating the healthier options that God has for them to discover who they are and can be while living in today’s world.

Project type:

Non-profit, Community
The Change – Apex teen center
Presenter /Center Director:
Jeannie LaDesso

In loving memory
Timmy Castaneda
Apex teen taken long before his time

Change Bucks
-The community can purchase coupon books of varied amounts
-Adults present them to youth in the community as they wish
for recognition of positive behavior
-Teens present the coupons for items only sold at the Change
snacks, T-shirts, etc...
-Teens earn their own money by making a positive "change" in
the community, therefore, all youth can be involved without being a financial burden on their families
Mission Statement
Community concerns with youth
Who Teens in the Town of Apex

What Engaging in destructive behavior:
Drugs Sexting Theft
Loitering Alcohol Dropping out of school
Bullying Cutting and more...

When Any free time-before and after school, weekends, school breaks etc…

Where Homes without responsible supervision, downtown, behind movie theater, etc…

Why Boredom Lack of guidance
Peer pressure Curiosity
Increasing number of Priorities not in order
single-parent homes No value for self, others, property
No sense of real consequences Depression/Anxiety

How Easy access to substances No adult ownership over resolving the issues
Too much time alone Denial from parents

Who Teens and adults in Apex

What A place of their own that allows for:

Safety Christian principals
Adult supervision Fundamental values
Community service Socialization with like-minded peers

When Hours Mon.-Thurs.
9am -2pm
2pm -8pm

Friday 2 pm -11:30 pm
Saturday 11 am – 11:30 pm
Hours will vary at times due to events.

Where THE CHANGE-Apex Teen Center (2021 Shepherds Vineyard Dr. Apex)

Why Teach healthy alternatives to current destructive behavior
Educate how to make better decisions and still have fun
Today's youth need the knowledge, guidance, and attention necessary to advance
as they grow.

How we will do it

Secure a physical facility and build it out to suit youth purposes.
Offer FREE:
Tutoring Musical instruction
Art instruction Community service opportunities
Leadership opportunities Something to think about-workshops

Adult community involvement
Community service opportunities
Change Bucks
Positive Acknowledgment

Keep The Change staffed with like-minded adults

Get and keep a strong fund raising network

Why The Change
Community concerns


Apex Schools in regard to
The Change Teen Center
Proposed Board of Directors:
(awaiting some final commitments)

Chair: Jacques Gilbert
Vice Chair: Teya Hayes
Committee Chair: Carla Copes
Board Members: Larric Copes
Eileen Winters
Amanda Moore
Secretary: Candy Silva
Treasurer: Michelle Malik

The Change
floor plan
Something to think about
What happens when you miss the natural milestones of maturity
Who lives here and what decisions got them to where they are...
Covey's Time Management Quadrants
One of many destructive behaviors
One of the results from destructive behaviors
Here comes Jesus to save you, he picks you up as you are and tells you He loves you. HE talks with you the whole time you ride with him and you feel so much better...
You get to a better neighborhood and tell Jesus, I'm good, just let me out here. He tells you that if you just stay in the taxi and let Him drive He will get you to paradise. You say I'm good, but thank you...
You say, I will see you on Sunday, when (if) I go to Church. You have free will, so although it hurts Him, he let's you go...
See, life is good. I met a guy who really understands me and loves me...
He said he loved me, but where is he now? Jesus I'm in a mess I wish I would have stayed in the taxi. What do I do now?
Jesus is always there, no matter how bad the situation, or the neighborhood is that you end up in, but you can save yourself the pain if you just let Him drive...
Leadership Opportunities
Teen Board of Directors

Teen event coordinators
-Their support for the teen center
-Teens that they may get Change Bucks if
seen helping in the community in that area

Sign for Store Window
Connecting to the community
Set up a facebook account dedicated to community service
Local store needs boxes taken to the dump
Local family needs lawn care
Extra help needed at Peak Fest

Adults verify and supervise events
Teens receive Change Bucks from community or center
depending on circumstances.

Private room
6 computers
1-2 tables

Staffed by

Any time the
center is open
All activities are free and taught by screened volunteers
Inside Activities
Outside Activities
Shepherds Vineyard Pool
Eva Perry Library
T-shirts and Hoodies via Bonfire
Advertising on screen at The Change
On the T-Shirts
On Flyers
Local business funding
Craft sales
Bake sales
Upfront Expenses
Build out of 2021 Shepherds Vineyard Dr. Apex $130,000
Fooseball table
Pool table
Gaming stations (2)
Ongoing Expenses
Rent $4,300
Office Supplies
Basketball hoops

Still Sexy?
Still think
that those
things are
no big deal
or have you
seen the way
some teens
deal with it
when they
don't feel like
they have
someone or
somewhere to go to...
More money
would fix
More things would make things better.
Text, text, text, tweet, tweet, snapchat

1. Phone
2. Lipstick
3. Lives
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