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The Legends of King Arthur

SST Assignment

Katherine Meeten

on 26 January 2014

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Transcript of The Legends of King Arthur

The Legends of King Arthur
10 Word Glossary:

1. Excavations -
an area in which excavating has been done or is in progress, as an archaeological site.
2. Melee -
Fights with swords while riding on horses, If you fall off the fight continues on the ground.
3. Realm

A royal kingdom
The realm of England
4. Excalibur -
King Arthur's Sword (name)
5. Subdue -
To overpower by force.
6. Grail -
A cup that in medieval legend was associated with unusual powers.
7. Hilt -
The top bit of a sword
The handle.
8. Occupied -
To take or fill
9. Druids -
People of healing and medicine
10. Fiddled -
Played with
Is the Kingdom of Camelot Real?
Personally I don't believe it is real as there has been no concrete evidence that it was located anywhere. Some believe that a possible site would be at Caerleon but excavations have proved that it was never there at all. Other places like Cadbury Castle have thought to have been the site where Camelot stood as excavations have found that Cadbury Castle was occupied at approximately the right date. Sometime after 460 AD.
Diary Entry: The sword in the stone
King Arthur
Some Remakes Involving the Arthurian Legend
The Adventures of Merlin
King Arthur
King Arthur's Quest for the holy Grail
The Sword in the Stone
The Round Table
Retrieving the Sword from the Lady of the lake
Sword's Name: Excalibur

Many Kings and Lords wouldn't except that Arthur would be their king.
Several Kings and knight fought against Arthur to win his land but Arthur stood strong.
King Arthur made an alliance with some of the Kings and managed to subdue the whole country to his rule.
King lot's wife, Morgawse, was sent to spy on Arthur.
Arthur and Morgawse had a son named Mordred together.
Turns out that Morgawse is Arthur's half sister that he didn't know about.
The King was in sword training and his sword broke.
Arthur and Merlin set out to look for a new sword for Arthur to use.
They went in search for the lady of the lake because she had in her possession a sword; An unbeatable sword. Excalibur
The lady of the lake said that Arthur could have the sword if he agreed to give her what ever she wanted when she wanted it.
The lady of the lake requests one of the Kings, Knights head in exchange for her giving him the sword.
Unfortunately for the lady of the lake; She loses her head at the hands of the knight that she had requested his head.
Events and Photos
After King Uther's death, Powerful nobles of the Realm fought one another for the throne.
Merlin had an idea. He went to the Archbishop of Canterbury and advised him to call the lords together at Christmas time.
On Christmas day all the nobles gathered in London as Merlin requested.
Outside the church there stood a stone, in the stone, a sword had been thrust into it.
All the knights tired to pull the sword out but none of them could.
Sir Ector, Kay and Arthur were in town for the Melee.
Kay had forgotten his sword so he sent young Arthur back home to retrieve it.
When Arthur returned home it was locked and he could not get inside for the sword.
On his way home Arthur passed the Sword in the Stone so he got back on his horse and went back to the town center.
He saw the sword in the stone and went up to it and took it out with no force used.
Arthur took the sword back to Kay so he could use it in the Melee.
Sir Ector first thought that it was his son Kay that had pulled the sword from the stone but it wasn't is was his adopted son Arthur that had pulled the sword.
Arthur is now to be KING Arthur of England.
This will change Arthur's life forever and he will learn where he truly belongs and where his history really lies.
Arthur and Merlin made the journey from Camelot to Cameliard to ask for Guinevere's hand in marriage.
Guinevere is King Leodegraunce's daughter.
King Leodegrance was overjoyed at this offer and granted them his wish for them to be married.
For their wedding feast, King Arthur invited all the noblest and bravest knights in the realm.
Each knight strove to be the best so King Arthur made the round table so no man would think himself lesser than another.
The table was made so that every knight has an equal place in the realm.
When they were served food all the plates were loaded with equal amounts of food so no man could boast that he had a higher place then his peers
Every knight of the round table was treated equally no exceptions.
On every seat there was a name. The name of the knight who sat there.
Step-Brother (Adopted):
Father (Adopted):
Sir Ector
Morgan Le Fay
Today is the 25th of December 460AD and this is the last entry I can write in this book and I cannot afford another to continue.....
On Christmas Morning I was in the town center looking for food when I saw a big crowd outside the church. I squeezed through the crowd to the front to see a huge stone sitting outside the front steps of the church.
A man named Merlin announced that who ever should pull this sword from the stone would take the title and the place of KING.
I didn't understand what he was talking about so I looked at the stone again. To my amazement there was a sword sticking out the stone. I hadn't seen the sword when I first looked but now everything makes sense.
All the men that were lords, knights or nobles took the sword by the hilt and tried to pull it out. None of those who tried succeed in pulling it out and slowly the people started moving off to do something else or to watch the Melee that was about to begin.
So I went and sat down on the curb and fiddled with a rock.
A few minutes passed and then a handsome young man rode right past me on his horse without even looking at me. I watched him ride off into the distance and started playing with my stone again. Judging by the sun; About 20 minutes passed and the young man had returned, he went over to the stone with the sword and put his hands on the hilt.
He pulled it out effortlessly and in a matter of seconds he was back on his horse and rode towards the Melee.
I assumed he told someone because in the next 5 or so minutes a group of people were outside the church demanding that he prove that he was the one who took the sword from the stone.
I watched him put it back in and let 5 others try to pull it out but they couldn't. Then he tried again and it came out as easily as picking a feather up off the ground.
I over heard the name of the handsome man that had pulled the sword. His name . . . Arthur. Arthur Pendragon
This handsome young man is now to be crowned King of all England.
Thanks for watching :)
The real Merlin and Arthur by Colin Morgan and Bradley James (Actors in the TV series Merlin)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Coat of Arms
Question One:

Is King Arthur and Camelot real?
No, but people like the Druids (People of Medicine) and Merlin, they have been apart of the history and legend, they are real.
Question Two:
What about the places that have been known as the site that Camelot once stood?
Caerleon has been proven that Camelot never stood there. A guy in the video clips later in this presentation states that Camelot never stood where the ruins of Caerleon now stand.
Question Three:
Why do people believe that King Arthur and Camelot were real?
I think its because of all the amazing stories that you might here about him and about Camelot. It was meant to have been the greatest Realm in England and probably the world.
It is of Roman origins. A White dragon and a Red dragon fought and the red one won. This legend also involves Emrys ( Merlin ).The red dragon became the symbol of the Welsh nation through its adoption by the Tudor ancestors of king Henry VII. When Henry Tudor faced king Richard III at the battle of Bosworth in 1485 he had three recognized battle standards. One of these showed red "fire" dragon with raised forearm on a white & green background.
How the Welsh Flag came about
King Arthur is a legendary British leader of the late 5th and early 6th centuries, who, according to medieval histories and romances, led the defence of Britain against Saxon invaders in the early 6th century.
He was the first born son to King Uther Pendragon. He was born in the castle of Tintangle on the north coast of Cornwall in England. Arthur later becomes the greatest ruler of Camelot that has ever been.
The Tale of Two Dragons

Wishing to construct an impregnable fortress on Salisbury Plain, King Vortigern sent for some masons to build one. •During the day they built the amazing castle that Vortigern wanted. When they come back the next day it would have been destroyed. Why? •Vortigern went in search for an answer and found a young boy named Merlin. •Merlin told Vortigern that he must dig into the earth and drain the river, there he will find two dragons, one white and one red that sleep by day and fight by night ending up destroying the to be castle every night. •The white dragon was destined to drive Vortigern away. He killed him by burning him in his new castle. •King Constance’s sons were the rightful heirs to the title “King” so they took power of the castle that is known today as Camelot. •One Prince died and the other took the title and the name Uther Pendragon, King of Britain. To-be father to the legendary King Arthur Pendragon of Camelot.
First Knight
The Sword in the Stone
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Shrek the Third
Quest for Camelot
The Fisher King
Anything with some kind of dragon
Made Up Map:
Castles in France
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