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three marital relationships

compare and contrast

luke camp

on 23 August 2010

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Transcript of three marital relationships

similarities Differences The husbands all left her with a different aspect of love. Janie had changed what she wanted out of love after each of the relationships that she was in. All of Janie's marital relationship treat janie like she wants to be treated in the beginning of their relationships. Janie wanted to be treated like an equal and the men treated her like that. Logan, Jody, and Tea Cake all wouldn't let janie spend a dime of her money when she was married to them. They provided for her completely and totally. In all of Janie's relationships ended abrutly either by death or by Janie just leaving them. Joe ended up ignoring her real personality and self and Logan ended up working Janie and Tea Cake was the one that loved her til death and cared for her the whole time they were together. Logan, Jody, and Tea Cake all protected and made sure she was safe. They all also thought that she was beautiful janie had to be everything for logan, she had to be whatever joe wanted her to be for him, and for tea cake she could be herself
She got pressured and forced into marrying Logan by her Nanny, and with Jody and Tea Cake she chose to marry them by her feelings and emotions. Logan and Joe protected her from the outside world while Tea Cake was let her interact in the middle of everything and be connected with what Logan and Joe would call as trashy people. Logan and Jody ended up trying to make her work and help them and Tea Cake only let her work if she was completely up for it because he believed the women shouldnt have to do anything.
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