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Things Fall Apart: Chapter 14

No description

Zeina Dowidar

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Things Fall Apart: Chapter 14

"It is a female
." (95)
'Ochu'' in relation to crime and murder
- "Mother is Supreme." (98)
"The nuts of the water of heaven." (96)
Cultural context
"It was a full gathering of
" (97)
Family and gatherings
Things Fall Apart: Chapter 14
Culture and Context
Agriculture and harvest is predominant
"Okonkwo was given a plot of land to which to build his compound, and two or three pieces of land in which to farm." (95)
Events and incidents are blamed on destiny and fate
"Clearly his personal god or
was not made for great things." (96)
Marriage traditions and rituals
Although men are more dominant, mothers are seen as refuge
"It's true that a child belongs to its father. But when a father beats his child, it seeks sympathy in its mother's hut." (98)
Driven by passion and success
"His life had been ruled by a great passion - to become one of the lords" (96)
With no future, he becomes hopeless
"Work no longer had for him the pleasure it used to have, and when there was no work to do he sat in a silent half-sleep." (96)
Building a new life
Plot Summary:
Main Theme: Family
Okonkwo and his family are received by Uchendu after being exiled
He was given a plot of land to start his life over
When Uchendu calls for a gathering, he tells Okonkwo that he must not give in to despair
Family is extremely important in Ibo culture
Wedding and family
Support and help
"The daughters of the family were all there, some having come a long way [..] it was a full gathering of
, in the same way they would meet if a funeral occurred" (97)

"Each of Uchendu's five sons contributed 300 seed-yams to enable their cousin to plant a farm.." (97)
The role of femininity in the society; "It is a female ochu" (91).
Personification of nature; "For the last two or three moons the sun had been gathering strength till it seemed to breathe a breath of fire on the earth", "The world lay panting under the live, vibrating heat." (91).
The role of fate and destiny; "Clearly his personal god or chi was not made for great things. A man could not rise beyond the destiny of his chi" (92).
Presentation Summary
Theme of Family
Theme of fate and destiny
Symbiosis with agriculture and nature
Characterization of Okonkwo
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