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Francisco Vasquez de Coronado

No description

Andrew Pham

on 12 May 2016

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Transcript of Francisco Vasquez de Coronado

Francisco Vasquez de Coronado
Andrew Pham, Tony Lorenz, Karina Gonzalez
Francisco Coronado was born into a noble family in c.1510 but had no inheritance over his family's wealth. Because of this he decided to move from his home in Salamanca, Spain to New Spain so he could prosper.
Early Life
After hearing news of the Seven Golden Cities in the north, Coronado thought he would finally be able to find the riches he had sought for in Spain. Francisco's comrade Antonio de Mendoza, agreed to travel to the north with a large enough group.
The Expedition
Francisco then traveled to Northern Mexico and later the Southwest in North America, specifically to Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, discovering the Grand Canyon & the Colorado Plateau. He was always moving, searching for gold.
Entering America
After Coronado arrived into New Spain, he married the woman Beatriz Estrada,daughter of the former treasurer, Alonso de Estrada. His marriage managed to gain him one of the largest estates in New Spain.
A Disappointing End
After finding nothing of value in the Southwest of North America, a disappointed Francisco returned to New Spain empty-handed.
The Natives
Soon after Francisco Vasquez de Coronado had arrived in New Spain, he gained power from becoming the new governor of Spanish area, Nueva Galicia.
In New Mexico, Francisco found the city of Cibola, where the Spaniards drove the natives Indians living there out of their home because they would not submit to the demands given by the Spaniards.
At his arrival, Francisco's position remained as governor, but the expedition was titled a complete failure. Two years later, he was found guilty of mistreating the Native Americans and was sent to a post in Mexico City. He died there in 1544.
After His Arrival
His Effects on History
We feel that Coronado did not affect us much. He might have made the Americas a bit more famous to Europe but we don’t believe he made a large enough impact to majorly change our history . He also didn't find the landmarks on his journey himself. The group that traveled with him enabled him to.

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