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Roles of the President: Real Life Examples

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Amanda Renzelmann

on 20 May 2016

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Transcript of Roles of the President: Real Life Examples

Roles of the President: Real Life Examples
By: Amanda Renzelmann
* Must be a natural born citizen in the United States
- Former Republican candidate, John McCain, was born on a military base in Panama. This is still considered to be US territory, but many opponents like to use it against them in debates.
* Must be at least 35 years old
- Theodore Roosevelt was the youngest person ever to become president at the age of 42.
* Must live as a resident in the United States for 14
- President Hoover lived in London before he became president. However since he was born here and lived here for 14 years he was able to run for president.

More Qualifications
* Must have attended college
- This will guarantee a well educated candidate who knows what they are doing.
* Must have held a previous position in government for at least 10 years
- By meeting this qualification, we the people will be ensured he/she has am idea of how the government works. This also makes it so not just anyone can be president.
* Must have no criminal record
- Any criminal record could be a red flag. We don't want a leader who makes poor decisions that can influence the way other countries view America.
* They must also have a fair amount of business experience
- The president has a lot of control of the economy, therefore he must know what he is doing.
* They should have experience of being a leader of an organization for 3+ years
- This will help them practice all the responsibilities and qualities of a good leader. This will give them the most preparation for the role they are trying to take on.
* The president should have previous experience with volunteering in the community
- It is important that the president gets around the community and practices Chief Citizen, therefore previous volunteer background prepares them for the job.
* They should have earned a degree in some sort of political field.
- This ensures that they know what they are doing and makes it so not just anyone can become president.
* The candidates should be required to take multiple health tests.
- This reduces the chance of having to use a temporary president, and also makes sure they are well fit for the job since they lose a lot of sleep.

Chief of State
President Obama awarding the Medal of Honor to a Marine for his courage in an Afganistan War.
Chief Executive
Obama appointing a new head of the CIA.
Chief Manager of the Economy
President Obama working with a manager of a company to provide more jobs for the economy.
Chief Diplomat
Obama is greeting other foreign leaders at a "meet and greet".
Commander in Chief
President Reagan sent troops over to invade Grenada.
Cheif Legislator
President Obama recently signed a new law for credit card legislation.
Chief Citizen
George Bush threw out the first pitch at a baseball game.
Chief of Party
President Obama nominated John Kerry as secretary of state during his second term.
Benefits of being President
* As president you make around $400,000 a year
* You are provided with housing and Camp David for vacations
* Along with the housing you receive multiple workers who provide services to make living stress free
* Once you leave office you can build a library
- There are roughly 24 presidential libraries.
* You have your own airlines and limos to make traveling safe
* The secret service will protect you and your family for 10 ears after your term is up
* The president also recieves free medical care
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