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Meet Albrecht Durer

No description

Karen McGinley

on 11 December 2018

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Transcript of Meet Albrecht Durer

Meet : Albrecht Durer
Albrecht Durer used a technique called etching….he scratched into a surface with a hard point to create the image he wanted.

What was this incredible invention?

What IS Texture?
How do we create the "look" of TEXTURE ?
Living in Nuremberg, Germany in the mid 1400's
You will be creating a composition
similar to these.
Who has worked with scratchboard before?
How something feels
(real or true texture) or looks like it would feel ( simulated or visual).
Durer was a Master of texture!
You will be working on a metallic colored scratchboard-
gold or silver
You’ll be working in scratchboard, etching similarly to Durer
What creature will you do?
Your creature could be an animal, a bird, a dinosaur or even something else….?????
How do you choose a GOOD creature for this project?
Remember: You will be trying
to recreate the creature’s TEXTURE-
Something’s are a
definite “no”-
they are way too difficult!

What creature do you think might be difficult to do in scratchboard?

HINT: think about the texture –or the lack of it…….

What were some of the words (adjectives) you used at your tables to describe what the items FELT like?
Which would be better as a subject?
Which would work better for your scratchboard?
You have to find a good picture of a creature....
What makes it good ?
What kind of texture do you think would be good for you to try
Check out the scratchboard work of professional artist:
Getting ready for Scratchboard
Talking Texture
Let's try seeing what type of textured creature might work best for your project...
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