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Music History - Prezi

No description

John VanPatten

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Music History - Prezi

The Roaring Twenties
Music History Project

Welcome to Prezi!
Prezi Project for Music History
What is Prezi?
Prezi is an internet-based presentation tool. It allows you to create presentations from the website, save them, and present from them.
Your Prezi Project
Each of you will be creating your own Prezi on a topic associated with the 1920's and music.
How is Prezi different from Powerpoint?
Prezi uses a "drill down" approach, similar to an outline, as opposed to a linear, slide based presentation like Powerpoint.
How does Prezi work?
Topics to Choose
Prohibition and Speakeasies
"The Jazz Age"
Louis Armstrong
Musicians and Segregation
Jazz in the Big Cities (NY, Chi., KC, etc.)
George Gershwin
The Rise of Hollywood
The Golden Age of Radio
Your Prezi Must Include:
A template with at least 4 main sections
At least two frames within each section
Two YouTube clips
One external link (Wikipedia article, website, etc)
On a separate sheet, list all online resources used (websites, articles, YouTube clips, etc.)
Your Prezi is Due On:
Friday, November 1st
How is Prezi different than Powerpoint?
It also uses pretty cool 3D animations and graphics. Since it is web-based, it doesn't rely so heavily on your computer's graphics card, so they look the same regardless of what computer you are using.
Step 1
Choose a template
Be sure to choose a template that best reflects what you want to say!
Step 2
Label each item with the main points of your topic.
Step 3
Fill in the main sections of your topic with supportive information
What kind of information can you put into your presentation?
You can use plain text.
You can also use bullet points
This is much more like a Powerpoint presentation.
Website Links
Wikipedia Article:
Built in Google Image search:
Just drag and drop
Helps to support your main ideas.
YouTube Clips
Embed them directly into your Prezi slides, just copy the link and paste it.
Background Music
If you have an mp3 file that you want playing while a slide is displayed, you can import that into your Prezi.
PDF Files
A .pdf file is a picture of a document. It makes it viewable on different forms of software. You can import it into your Prezi.
Anything else you can imagine!
If there is something that you want to include, there is most likely a way to do it. If you can't figure it out, ask!!
Step 4
Finish your project by adding some cool animations.
You can add "Frames" to your Prezi
If you add a Frame, it will be placed in order for you to present them.
You can make them as big or as small as you want
You can also rotate them.
If you rotate a frame, it will give you a cool "spinning" animation.
Step 5
Present your Prezi
You will need to use an outline to present from, so you know what is coming up. A bullet point outline works really well.
You can write this out by hand, or you can type it up in Microsoft Word.
Begin the outline with the main points of your Prezi
Indent the bullets for each new frame.
If there is more information within that frame, indent it more
When you get to a new frame, begin a new section in your outline.
This will help you present your Prezi.
We will be presenting them from my computer in class next week. Have fun!
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