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Bullseye 2012 Business Presentation - Unilever

No description

Bilal Nazar Sibtain

on 1 December 2012

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Transcript of Bullseye 2012 Business Presentation - Unilever

Unilever Pakistan Limited. Bullseye Communications Business Review Unilever 2012 Lipton Toni & Guy
Fair & Lovely Comfort
Sunsilk Clear Anti Dandruff
Blue Band Closeup
Vaseline Brook Bond - Supreme
Lifebuoy Corporate BA Program
Dove Unilever Beauty Lounge 2012
Knorr Magnum
Lux Cornetto
Surf Excel Unilever Multibrand Campaigns Lipton Lipton Mega Daane Launch Fair & Lovely Fair & Lovely (Cont.) FAL PR Event Sunsilk In Sunsilk we did BA Programs like CWT & Sleek in Hyperstars, LMT's and IMT's. Also, Sunsilk is one of the participating brand in Unilever Beauty Lounge 2012 Blue Band Run an extensive DDS Campaign for Blue Band Margarine back in 2012 that intercepted 100,000 contacts in one month. Lipton Clear Green Project Crystal In 2012 we did extensive Wet Sampling, BA In store Program & Spin the Wheel Activation along with the Events like MD Launch, Project Crystal, and Golf Championships etc. FAL Cosmetic Trader Events (K-L-I-F) FAL Zara Salon Campaign (K-L-I-F-M) FAL TV Shoot FAL Workshops (K-L-I-F-M) Unilever Beauty Lounge 2012 Moving towards this years biggest beauty campaign that hits 300,000 contacts and changing behaviors to feel pamper and care yourself!
Brands like Sunsilk, Ponds, and Vaseline participated in Beauty Lounge 2012 that is currently targeting 300 universities & colleges nationwide.
Unilever spent approx 22 millions this year in Beauty Lounge 2012. Unilever Beauty Lounge 2012 The gigantic project aligned at least 5 agencies together to work on the same project that includes:
Activation Agency
Research Agency
Digital Agency (Sunsilk)
Digital Agency (Ponds)
Digital Agency (Vaseline) What's Coming? - Lipton Dip n Win
- Brook Bond Supreme
- Lux Body Wash
- Lipton Green Tea 2013
- Unilever Beauty Lounge 2013 Bridging people Roles & Responsibilities. Proper Training Mechanism synchronized by Training Need Analysis. The Champions. Builds that need to be cement. Second Line Leadership Upcoming Performers Numbers cannot judge! Solution Oriented Approach Rewards are OK!
But behind the enemy lines Showcasing the
Best & Worst URGENCY Alert!! BEST: FAL PR Event Worst: Pathfinders It's a mutual Teamwork - Non premium
- Concentration
- 2012 was the year for BE, Can we make it for Twenty13 too? Testimonials "I have not seen any force that's still smiling after not getting sleep and continuous work from last 72 hours"
Faizah Khan - Unilever "When every way stopped working Bullseye make one!
Fahad Saleem" - Activation Planner (Food & Bev.) "Well done Team Bullseye for doing Successfully Town Hall Meeting on Paul's Visit to Pakistan"
Talha Changi - Activation Planner (Ice Creams) To hit the Bulls eye! New Business Development Received via On ground and Online Feedback - Novartis Annual Conference
- Haier Electronics
- Coca Cola Pakistan BE Comm Group is a brand itself and we need to live the Bulls eye life anywhere & everywhere. - Promote into forums like TiE, World Business Forum, Education Without Borders 2013 - Facebook Profile Impacts 9000 contacts on a single click! Shared tremendously statuses, DP's and Covers etc. Thank You :)
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