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Genetic Engeneering


mason french

on 20 October 2009

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Transcript of Genetic Engeneering

Genetic Engeneering Genetic engeneering is when humans take some parts of the DNA of animals, fruit and vegitables, bacteria, and other things in order to make a stronger or more succesfull type of genetic mutation. The way this works is because Scientists have found a way to cut the DNA strands and rejoin them to make a new chosen custom strand of DNA with the desired genes in them. This is a geneticall altered Banana,
all fruit may look like this in the future Some examples of genitic engeneering are the cauliflower and broccolie were made from genetic alterization of the oinion. AND IS ALTERED FROM Another example of genetic alterization is putting
the fish gene into a tomato so the tomato does
not freeze.
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