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Steven Fraser

on 14 June 2017

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Transcript of Title

Costa Rica
Costa Rica’s location, borders, limited security forces, and
thinly-patrolled waters make it a major temporary storage country for drugs.
Ecuador has been designated as a major transit country for narcotics and chemical precursors to process narcotics. Cocaine and heroin from Colombia and Peru are trafficked through for distribution to the United States and Europe.
Illegal drug trade in Latin America
Natalie Cataldo, Emma Perrin, & Lily Mango
Guatemala was also named as a major transit country for illegal drugs. Transnational criminal organizations take advantage of Guatemala’s borders and under equipped law-enforcement to smuggle illicit goods through the country.
Nicaragua remains a primary route for drug trafficking but isn’t one of the countries that poses as a big threat.
Mexico remains one of the major transits for cocaine and heroin and a source country for heroin, marijuana, and methamphetamine.
U.S. Involvement
Of these countries, Bolivia and Venezuela failed to follow their obligations under international counter narcotics agreements. The President still determined that we continued support for bilateral programs in Venezuela because it is necessary to the national interests of the United States.
Belize is one of the major countries
involved in the drug transport to the
U.S. They mainly work through vessels
in transport at night to avoid law
Bolivia is the third largest producer of
cocaine in the world. Most Bolivian cocaine is exported to other Latin American countries
and then transported to the United States
and other countries.
Colombia remains a major source
country for cocaine, heroin and marijuana.
90% of cocaine found in the U.S. was of Colombian origin.
El Salvador
El Salvador has also been identified as
a major transit country for drugs headed
to the United States from source
countries in South America. Traffickers
in El Salvador use boats and waterway
passages for smuggling drugs in along the coastline.
Honduras is a major transit country
for cocaine and chemical precursors.
The majority of cocaine that transits
Honduras arrives through vessels and
other sea transportation.
Panama also is a major shipment
crossroad for drug trafficking due to
it's location. Transnational drug
trafficking organizations move illegal
drugs through Panama’s transportation infrastructure.
Peru has taken the title of the world’s top producer of cocaine, Peru is also a major importer of precursor chemicals used for cocaine production.The majority of cocaine produced in Peru goes to South American countries for domestic consumption, or for onward shipment.
Venezuela is one of the preferred
trafficking routes for illegal drugs,
predominantly cocaine, from
South America to the Caribbean
region, Central America, the
United States, Western Africa,
and Europe, due to its western
border with Colombia.

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