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Leaves Exposed to more Light have Greater Stomatal Density

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Brittany Opraseuth

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Leaves Exposed to more Light have Greater Stomatal Density

Leaves Exposed to more Sunlight have Greater Stomatal Density
Stomatal Count
1 x 1 cm square with clear nail polish
Tape dried nail polish
Count stomata per leaf under microscope
Why are we testing this?
Greater number of stomata allow for more gas exchange during photosynthesis
Leaves exposed to more light require more stomata to utilize its benefits
How did we prepare our experiment?
collect 3 leaves from
Magnolia tripetala
tree - full shade
collect 3 leaves from the same tree- full sunlight
same height as shaded leaves

Leaves that are exposed to more sunlight have a greater stomatal density than leaves that reside in the shade
Our data allows us to reject the null hypothesis due to the 0.0128 p-value
Stomatal density does increase for leaves exposed to sunlight
Leaves exposed to sunlight had significantly higher stomatal density
Understanding stomatal density is used by scientists to understand past carbon dioxide levels
Plays a part in global warming studies
Also used to study fossils and hypothesize the types of environments they grew in
Average number of stomata on the leaves in sunlight was 84.6 while the average number of stomata of the leaves in shade was 45
p - value of 0.0128
First Trial
"Hairy" bush leaves
Collected 3 from direct sunlight and 3 from shade
Real world applications
Find the best growing conditions for plants
Greater stomatal density allows for more benefits from photosynthesis
Farming, plant conditions
How does light affect the stomatal density on a leaf?
Created by:
Brittany Opraseuth, Haley Landis, Imara Vliegen, & Maya Tome
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