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Business Executive Summary

No description

francis ann

on 25 October 2015

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Transcript of Business Executive Summary

Feasibility Study
2. Vision and Mission Statement
Business Executive Summary
It is very essential to know the demand of the business in order to answer the customer needs and wants. Knowing the demand will help to determine the trend for the food business industry.

B. Location
The business will be set up in Poblacion, Muntinlupa City.
The supply in the market refers to currently provider of (lumpia) food industry in the area. According to an interview conducted by the researcher on the residents, the demand for the Lumpia in this area is high

1. Title/ Name of the Project

We called our business LUMPIA OF ASIA because our product came from the places in Asia. We will offer an array of lumpia varieties, using seafood, meat and veggies.

A. Name of the Enterprise
 Project Timetable

E. Major Assumptions and Summary Finding and Conclusion on the following
Marketing Aspect

 Mode of Financing

The Financial Requirements will be from our shares and from our partner
C. Business long term objectives
1. To serve customers and give quality products that will satisfy them.
D. Highlights of the Business
 History
The partners considered various types of business which included a bakeshop, salon, and Water Refilling Station. The partners were confident about one specific business, until Ms. Francis Ann R. Pazzuiagan suggested a Lumpia stall. Initially, most members of the group hesitated because the nature of the suggested business- Lumpia was way too far from the business the partners initially thought of, But it came to their mind that since they all love food, and Lumpia as merited, or even as main viand is one of the most popular among Filipinos , it would be easy for the partners to conduct research, and anticipate widespread acceptance of the food item--- thus come out with viable business venture.

Gantt Chart
 Technical Aspect
 Financial Aspect
 Management Aspect

 Socio-Economic Aspect

To make a positive differences
by being the most inspired and dependable food industry through our caring culture and honest dealings with all people.

The mission of Lumpia of Asia is to share the taste of traditional, hand- made Filipino cuisine at an affordable price.

3. Project objectives

- To earn reasonable return on investment

- To create a product-based retail store
whose primary goal is to exceed customer’s expectation.

- To be recognized as a leading edge competitor in the food Industry.

Estimated Budget:
- The estimated budget to our project P 300 000. It includes all the things needed in making our product and purchasing raw materials, equipments, supplies and others.
4. Area Review
According to NSO data (2010), the total population of the City
of Muntinlupa is recorded at 459,941 as of the of May 1, 2010. The household population is comprised of 28.71 percent of the young dependents (age group 0-14), 3.19 percent old dependents (age group 65 and over) and 68.09 percent working age population (age 15-64).
Total Population by Barangay, City of Muntinlupa: 2010 and 2000

Source: NSO 2010
5. Project background/ Industry outlook
Lumpia is a traditional Filipino dish. Lumpia of Asia provides consumers
with lumpia filled with variety of seafood, meat, and assorted vegetables, wrapped and then deep fried into a crisp, delicious delicacy.
a) Description of the product and service
b) Description of target market
c) Benefits of product and services
- Our product has vitamins and nutrients
because of the fruits
- All fruits and vegetables used are fresh.
- Our product is affordable

We want to build our business
located along the road where schools are established and our target market are mostly passers by who want to have snack and who want something new in their taste that will satisfy them.

d) Description of products/ service differentiators
Lumpia is different from other because
our product has its own feature.
Usually , “lumpia” is made of wrapped
and the ingredients is inside.
e) Description on how product/ service will be sold/distributed.
- Flyers
- Tarpaulin
- Internet
- Mouth System of word of Mouth

Description of the founders of the firm
6. Sources of information
Table of References
-www.pinoyrecipe.net>Flipino Recipe

We search from different websites to know how to make and cook lumpia and the ingredients needed and asked different person or individuals who are knowledgeable in this kind of food. We went to the City hall of Muntinlupa to know the population. We also asked some questions from the professors in Christ the King College of Science and Technology
II. Management/
Organizational Study
A. Nature of Ownership
We choose “partnership” for our business because we are six people to handle the project for us to
 The work becomes easier for us by sharing management/ staffing is possibilities.
 There are minimal reporting requirements.
 It is simple and inexpensive to set up.
 Every one of us can combine skills, experience and knowledge so we can provide a better products/service.

Organizational Structure
B. Man Power Requirements

Cashier has knowledge of basic arithmetic, knowledge of merchandize location or seating charts, skills in handling and counting cash and communication with public.
She is responsible for all payments and issued of receipts to the customer. Calculates discounts or references, requests customer identification for certain discounts and receipts are required. She

Job Classification

The cook properly and efficiently prepares and cooks the foods
. Always ensure the proper handling of Food. He assists manager with inventory and control procedures.


He prepares and cooks our products. Work within planned forecast with regards to food portion, food requirements and costs and minimize wastes and spoilage. He maintains proper time lines when preparing our product.


A crew has a good communication skill for them to talk effectively and efficiently to the customer. She also possess not only communication skills but also a capability to act and serve flexibly.


She is responsible in customer service. She will serve the customer with a pleasing personality and greet customers with a smile. The asset of the company is the employees who work with a smile that
symbolizes perseverance and happiness to serve.


 Number of Man Power
Cashier (1)
Cook (2)
Crew (1

 Duties and Responsibilities

 Remuneration and other Benefits
Performance bonuses
Paid holidays
Vacation leave
SSS (Social Security System)
Phil health
13th Month Pay

C. Human Resource and Development
 Training
 Development

D. Manning Table
Monday to Sunday Operation, Thursday DAY OFF all employees
Market Description:
Poblacion is one of the Nine (9) Barangay in the city of Muntinlupa with a total population of 103,104. The location of our project is near in Muntinlupa Central School, Our Lady of the Abandoned School, Sacred Heart Institute and beside the passersby where the possible customers are passing. Our target market will be the working male and female from the age of 18 above.

10,000 x 50% (our target market) = 5,000 persons
X 6 days
30,000 persons per week
X 12 months
360,000 persons per annum

1. lumpia stall 600 ( no. of lumpia sold daily) x 7 days = 4,200 pcs.
2. Street Vendor 100 pcs. X 3 days = 300

Total of 4,500 pcs per week x 4 weeks
= 18,000 pcs. Per month x 12 months = 216,000 pcs./year

Demand and Supply Gap

2016 360,000 216,000 144,000

Projected sales for 5 years.

Out of the 144,000 pcs. Of lumpia,
we only target 20% as our sales.

144,000 pcs x 20% = 28,800 pcs.

Years Sales
2016 28,800
2017 29,531
2018 30,281
2019 31,050
2020 31,839

Our market gap is composed of only Indirect competitors of our project. Indirect competitors have a 60 % gained because they are the largest number in the market. We got 40 % market share because we are just starting our business but we will the first to offer the unique product with the different variety of Lumpia.
Demand and Supply Gap
 Unique product
 Different variety of flavors
 Common food for the Pilipino
 Affordable price
 Small number of competitors
 Low or cheap price of raw materials
 Less cost of materials but more income
will flow
 More number of customers

 It can be known worldwide as a new product
 Near schools, offices and markets

 Different tastes of customers
 Large number of indirect competitors

This study will discuss the financial aspect of this proposed project, in order to determine the financial needs of the business. It will also determine if it will be profitable for this kind of business to exist in the said location with the existence of various competitors. The study will cover a five years projection in order to determine the payback period of the investment of the partners. This will include the formation of the financial statement, Cash Flow and Statement of Change in Equity for each year.

Major Assumptions Used:

1. Partnership is the form of business organization with 6 partners.

2. Each partners will contribute P 50,000.00, and each partner has
the capacity to provide the said amount.

3. We used the straight line method in computing our depreciation.

4. We use the annual population growth is 2.54% as the basis of our increases in every account to cover the inflation rate each year.

5. All tax rate used were based on the present BIR tax rates such as:
a. Percentage Tax 3%
b. Partnership tax rate 30%
6. The annual increase in demand of sales, operating cost and expenses will be based on the annual growth of the population.

7. 10% of the purchases will be the ending inventory.

8. Rent will have a yearly increase of 5%.

Lumpia of Asia
Organizational Cost
Prepaid Rent 40,000.00
Equipment 17,800.00
Renovation 20,000.00
Salaries & Wages 17,200.00
Benefits 3,397.13
Advertising expenses 1,300.00
Furniture & Fixture 5,000.00
kitchen Tools 5,000.00
office supplies 500.00
Light & Water 870.00
fire fixture 3,000.00
Raw Materials 25,125.00
Gas & Fuel 2,100.00
Taxes & Licenses 4,500.00
Store Supplies 2,122.00
Maintenance supplies 1,795.00
Total 149,709.13

Lumpia of Asia Projected Balance Sheet For Five Years

Lumpia of Asia Projected Cash Flow For Five Years

• Our product is lumpia a traditional food that everyone
knows but we add fillings to make it have a different taste. These are the malagkit (rice), seafood (shrimp, oyster), tikoy etc.
• Our pricing method that we will use is cost plus pricing because we base our price to the total cost that we consumed in creating the product. The distribution channel that we are going to use is direct sales.
• We will have a free taste on the first day of our business so people will have an idea on the taste of our product. We will also have the “BUY ONE FREE ONE “promo if they buy a lot. We will sell it in piece or in box (5 pieces of lumpia with different variety) which is cheaper /affordable if they’ll buy it per box. For us, customers wants is always our top priority.
• As part of the marketing and program, lumpia of Asia weekly distributes 100 pieces leaflets/ flyers and advertise through tarpaulin in strategic place like Cebuana. (Main rode in Poblacion, Muntinlupa where in several potential customers might passed by.

The Product/ Service

Our product is lumpia with fillings inside made of different variety of veggies with seafood plus the special sauce we made.

Lumpiang Shanghai

Cooking Procedure
1. In a mixing bowl, combine all the ingredients with the pork starting with the onion, carrots, green onions, parsley, salt, ground black pepper, garlic powder, and 1 piece raw egg. Mix well.
2. Wrap the about 1 to 1 1 1/2 tablespoons of the mixture in a lumpia wrapper (for proper way, see video).
Do this until all the mixture are consumed.
3. Heat the cooking oil in a deep fryer. Deep fry the lumpia for 10 to 12 minutes.
4. Remove from the deep fryer and let the excess oil drip.
5. Transfer to a serving plate. Serve with sweet and sour sauce.
6. Share and Enjoy!

Lumpiang Dynamite

Cooking Procedure
1. In a bowl, combine the ground pork,
garlic powder, onion powder, 1 piece egg,
and bread crumbs, salt and ground black
pepper. Mix well. Set aside
2. Arrange the long green pepper in the middle of the lumpia wrapper. Cover the pepper with 1 to 2 tablespoons of the ground chicken mixture. Wrap the pepper and chicken mixture. You will only need to cover one side completely; the side with the pepper stem should be open so that part of the pepper will be visible.
3. Heat the cooking oil in a frying pan.
4. While the oil is being heated, beat an egg in a wide bowl.
5. Dip the wrapped lumpia in beaten egg then roll over the Panko bread crumbs. Make sure that the lumpia is fully coated with crumbs.
6. Gently place each piece of lumpia on the frying pan. Fry in low to medium heat for 5 to 6 minutes per side or until the color of the outer part turns golden brown. Note: the oil should be hot enough to fry the lumpia, but not too hot to the point of quickly browning the bread crumbs( 250F is good enough). Otherwise, there is a possibility that the chicken will be somewhat raw.
7. Transfer to a plate line with paper towels. This will absorb the oil
8. Arrange in a serving plate and Serve.


Cooking Procedure:
1. Cook the Filling
1.2In a heated pan, pour-in the cooking oil then sauté the garlic and onions.
1.3Add the pork and cook until color turns light brown.
1.4Put-in the pork cube and add ½ cup water then simmer until pork is tender
1.5Add the shrimps and sweet potatoes and cook for 5 minutes or until potatoes are soft
1.6Add the tofu and cook for a few minutes
1.7Put-in the cilantro, carrots, and string beans then mix with the other ingredients
1.8Add the cabbage and let cook for 5 minutes
1.9 Add the fish sauce and mix. Set aside

Production Manufacturing Process

The procedure of our product “Lumpia of Asia”
with different variety are the following:


Cooking Procedure
1. Heat a wok or a frying pan and put-in 2 tablespoons of cooking oil.
2. When the oil is hot enough, Sauté the garlic and onions.
3. Add the dried shrimps and cook for 1 minute.
4. Put-in the fried tofu then stir.
5. Add the fish sauce and ground black pepper.
6. Put-in the mung bean sprouts and cook for 2 minutes.
7. Add the carrot and cook for 1 to 2 minutes. Remove from the pan and let cool.
8. Wrap the cooked vegetable in spring roll (lumpia) wrapper.
9. Pour the remaining cooking oil in a cooking pot or deep fryer then apply heat.
10. Deep fry the wrapped lumpia until the color of the wrapper turns golden brown.
11. Remove from the cooking pot or deep fryer and place in a container lined with
paper towel to absorb excess oils.
12. Transfer to a serving plate
13. Serve with vinegar and onion dip.
14. Share and enjoy!


- Once the gas stove becomes out of gas, we can use the alternative equipment like rice cooker or stove. But the most favorable is the stove that uses charcoal because we can still continue our production process and this is advantage for us.
- One of the raw materials that we need is wrapper. But once that it is not available in the market or not present in our surroundings we can use the wrapper made of flour (siomai wrapper) as alternative for the wrapper of lumpia.
- Our product has a seafood within it, once this is not available in the market, we will create alternative filling to satisfy of our customers like fish.

- We consider all of our raw materials we need to use. All of our raw materials are all.
- We only occupy small space to our business because we are just starting.
- We ensure that all of the equipment and the machines are in good conditions and safe to us.


APROJECT SITE (location)
Location is one of the major factors to be considered in starting up a business. It must be assured that it is accessible to the target market. The business location is Poblacion, Muntinlupa City

Our project location is near the road where the possible customers are passing. We consider rent a space in starting our project and fully utilize our working place. We choose the equipment that we really need in our project. Taking consideration of our location, we check the total no. of population in the area to know how many possible customers we may have.

Production schedule

Monday to Sunday Operation, Thursday DAY OFF all employees


Monday to Sunday Operation,
Thursday DAY OFF all employees

Our production schedule starts at 6:00 am in the morning to prepare the ingredients needed in creating our product. We will start our distribution or selling at
8 am to 6:00 pm where we are ready to distribute it to the market and after that, 8:00 pm is the time that we will start to prepare closing.






(sariwa /ubod)


The waste products of our project is paper bag
, balat ( raw materials), nabubulok (raw materials).
The excess raw materials can be used for fertilizer because they are biodegradable

Depreciation Schedule of Equipment
Depreciation Value of Furniture



Profit Ratio on sales

Net Income

304,275.57 = 0.20

For every P 1 sales, there is a net profit of 0.20 cents.

Return on Investment

Net Income
stockholder's equity

304,275.57 = 1.01

for every P 1 investment it earned 1.01 pesos

Return on Total Asset

Net Income
Total Assets (year end)

304,275.57 = 0.5

for every P 1 of total asset, it earned .50 cents


Current Ratio
Current Asset
Current Liabilities

The company is liquid since we don’t have any liabilities.

Inventory Ratio

Merchandise Inventory
Working Capital ( current asset - Current Liabilities)

60,300.00 = .10

For every 1 peso of working capital, .0.10 is

merchandise inventory

solvency or stability ratios

Debt total assets ratio

Total Liabilities

Total Asset

The company is stable because there is no liability to cover up.

Payback Period

Initial investment
Annual Cash inflow (net income + depreciation)

300,000.00 = 0 .96

It will take us almost one year to realize our investment


The founders of the firm well- educated and a graduate of Christ the King College of Science
and Technology. They act always as
professional and as a friend to their
staff and customers.

 Unfamiliar taste for other people
 Limited life of our product



After bearing in mind the important factors in the study that we conducted such factors like marketing , financial , technical , management and socio- economic study.

It is therefore recommended that LUMPIA OF ASIA will be pursued
and the business established at Katihan Poblacion, Muntinlupa City.

Based on the research and the study that we conducted. We, therefore conclude that our business is visible and viable in the market.

End of Presentation


The socio economic benefits of the proposed project are to help our localities and farmers of the country and to give healthy lifestyles to the people
In project we consider the whole part of business especially the social impact in the community
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